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Top 10 Hottest Actresses Out of 2014's Sexiest Celebrities

Posted by Fellonius Munch Friday, January 10, 2014
I wanted to compile a Top Ten list of the hottest women of 2014 that we'll be paying attention to, but actually, this list is going to have one more bonus babe and go up to eleven!

2013 was pretty exciting for many reasons. It was full of many unexpected surprise announcements for the years to come, including many happy returns for fan favorites. It was also full of instances where we gladly ate our own words. I'll explain as we go along, but I'm pretty sure you'll understand.

Hot Emma Stone nude see-through
EMMA STONE will of course be reprising her role as Gwen Stacy this year in the much anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The actress, who quickly found her way into every geek's heart with Superbad and Zombieland in the last decade, has been pretty busy following her role as Peter Parker's original love interest (pre-Mary Jane) and appearing in Gangster Squad and The Croods.

Aside from returning for the Spidey sequel, she will also be appearing in a twist on the superhero hype alongside Edward Norton and Michael Keaton in the movie Birdman. I'd also like to point out a certain "Untitled Cameron Crowe Project" in post-production, but where's the fun in secretive films we don't know enough about to cover? Regardless of what she does this year, though, I'm sure we'll see plenty of her.

Sex Scene Hayley Atwell Nude Pillars of Earth HAYLEY ATWELL is another most welcome return this Spring!

London-born Hayley, who so memorably portrayed Steve Rogers' love interest, Peggy Carter, in the World War 2-based Captain America: The First Avenger, was one of the movie's finer points and a joy to watch.

Hayley has been busy in British film and television since the first Captain America movie, but applied her voice talents to the video game and a one-shot short film based on her character.

At several points, Hayley was asked if she'd return for the Captain America sequel—this year's The Winter Soldier—and she was pretty certain that she wouldn't be back. Then she later stipulated that Peggy could return in a flashback scene.

Lo and behold, Peggy Carter will return and we couldn't be happier, even if it's just for a fleeting moment. It's only fair, as well, since she made such a great impression on us the first time around. Hayley is also working on director Kenneth Branagh's (Thor) adaptation of Cinderella, set for 2015.

sexy Amy Adams girl next door
AMY ADAMS defied nay-sayers with her memorably untypical portrayal of Lois Lane in Man of Steel last year. The hot, redheaded half-Italian played a Lois that was more gutsy and less a damsel in distress, which I felt was a terrific change of tone.

True to her abilities as one of the US's stronger actresses, the 39 year-old, who has had a string of great films since 2010, juggled Man of Steel with the Christian Bale '70s heist flick American Hustle.

Set to return as Lois Lane in 2015 in the Batman vs Superman epic, Adams has two films in the pipeline this year so far; the life and death drama Lullabye, and a biopic of '60s painter Margaret Keane.

Cute Ellen Page Forehead
ELLEN PAGE has been a personal favorite of mine for a long time now. Not your typical young actress, her earlier appearances such as Hard Candy were the kind of cutting edge you never forget, which was beautifully contrasted by her varied choices in film roles such as Juno, X-Men: The Last Stand, and the twisted James Gunn black comedy Super—not to forget Inception.

Ellen returns this year for X-Men: Days of Future Past, her first appearance as Kitty Pryde since Last Stand back in 2006 where she still looked twelve years old. Page is quite captivating, funny and untypically beautiful - a joy to watch - and we hope to see more of her in 2014!

Naked Anne Hathaway nude topless tits sex scene
ANNE HATHAWAY who is still, to this day, very fondly remembered for her turn as Catwoman/Selena Kyle in Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, has still been rising in popularity since 2012.

The English actress enjoyed a very successful 2012 with the final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy, then going on to hit musical Les Misérables.

This year, she returns with a string of appearances, including the secretive project Don Peyote and Fox animated movie sequel Rio 2.

The most anticipated project of this year, however, for Hathaway's and Christopher Nolan's fans will be the long awaited sci-fi epic Interstellar.

Now I'm not sure if Hathaway will be dressed similarly to the photo to the left. It would be nice, but failing that, you can come back to Fanboys Anonymous anytime and just ogle away!

Hunger Games and X-Men actress Jennifer Lawrence hot photos
JENNIFER LAWRENCE has been making a huge impact over the last few years, and just when we groaned "oh great, another Kirsten Stewart Twilighty-type fantasy trilogy ripoff wannabe actress" she went and blew us away with some stellar performances.

Yes, I said that when I first heard of The Hunger Games and immediately likened it to a kiddie version of Battle Royale; but like I also said at the beginning of this feature, I later swallowed my words and accepted Lawrence as an actress of talent equal to her beauty.

With X-Men: First Class and Silver Linings Playbook, she's shown great character acting and a penchant for gutsy and untypical drama.

Following that and the recent American Hustle, Lawrence will be popular this year with period drama Serena as well as X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the first installment of Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

Hot Juno Temple nude sexy
JUNO TEMPLE is much like our sweetheart Ellen Page in that she has captured out attention with cutting edge cinema and some very awkwardly funny features alike.

Juno's a young actress that has shown an amazing ability to portray so many original characters in less than a decade, and she's barely been out of the picture enough for me to single her out as a face to watch in 2014. You know that when Juno makes a movie, it's going to be worth watching; and this year she has quite a mix of interesting projects.

Two of which I have my eye on are Maleficent and the long awaited Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Playing the character of Thistletwit in Maleficent, this is a twisted version of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, which sees the story from the perspective of the titular wicked character (played by Angelina Jolie) and what brings her to curse the Princess.

Sin City I'm sure I don't have to explain. It's been a long time coming, God knows why, but I hope they have their heads and arses wired together because there's a lot riding on this a decade after the original. Failing that, though, Juno will no doubt raise eyebrows.

Leaked Scarlett Johansson sex tape
SCARLETT JOHANSSON is probably known best for her portrayal of Black Widow throughout the Marvel movie run of the past few years, but the colorful actress has been busy outside of The Avengers project and the likes.

Saying that, in a few months' time we'll all be getting onto Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which will be her most important appearance in the franchise yet, and then it's onto Avengers: Age of Ultron next year.

But the native New Yorker will also be featuring in two movies that have caught my attention. One drama, co-starring with fellow Avenger Robert Downey Jr, called Chef, and a lead role in another project that's trying to keep a low profile: a comeback film from Leon director Luc Besson. That film, Lucy—another spin on the current superhero hype—will see Scarlett gain her own unique powers. Well, aren't we just so full of surprises this year?!

topless Lauren Cohan no bra see-through
LAUREN COHAN is one entry in this list that I added simply on the basis that I can't get enough of her. Shut your face. Fangirls have Norman Reedus, Fanboys need warm and fuzzy feelings too!

The beautiful Maggie Greene, as we all know and love her, is one of few characters on AMC's The Walking Dead that never looks like she's gone a month without a bath. I can't say how much I appreciate that, because that show is causing me phantom smells, and they don't smell pretty. I mean seriously, in the zombie apocalypse, people loot for tins of Spam, bandages and toilet rolls. You bet your ass there's an abundance of deoderant and soap just waiting around.

But everybody knows that Walking Dead actors don't get much time in-between seasons to go make a movie. Why would they need to? They must be loaded from that show alone.

However, get this: in post-production right now is a Sylvester Stallone all-star "drama" titled Reach Me, co-starring Cohan alongside Terry Crews, Thomas Jane, Cary Elwes and many more. Intrigued much!

cleavage sexy Karen Gillan boobs
KAREN GILLAN is another British talent that only a certain breed of nerd will know. Mostly known for her television, since she's only made a couple of films so far, the flaming hot redhead is riding on a gamble that could see her become a huge name from 2014 onward.

Of course, the bonny Scot lass is famous as long-time Doctor Who assistant Amy Pond, and has been for years, and it's possible that this is why she is now associated with names such as James Gunn, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, Belicio Del Toro etc…

By now you either think I'm being a pretentious arse, or you're saying to yourself, "oh yeah, Guardians of the Galaxy!"

Meet the stunning actress behind Guardian of the Galaxy character Nebula. Ooofff!

Avengers Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen stars in 2014 Godzilla
ELIZABETH OLSEN really has been working hard to shrug off the stigma of having Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for older sisters, and she couldn't be much more far removed.

Starting her grown up career with a bang in 2011's Silent House, Lizzie literally blew through 2013 like a force of nature, ending with her being cast as the Scarlet Witch in Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

After Old Boy, Lizzie had one more movie project set for 2014, which you'd think wasn't a big deal, but that movie just so happens to be potentially the biggest movie of 2014, and its name is Godzilla. One hell of a character actress and emotionally so expressive, Olsen reminds me of Maggie Gyllenhaal but with the advantage that she's cute as hell. She will also make tight superhero clothing look marvelous, so here's to 2014 and beyond.

Sound off Fanboys and Fangirls! Did I miss anybody? Do you have your eyes on somebody else particular this year? If so, let us know in the comments section below and thanks for reading.

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