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Although the publishing fate of the Ultimate Universe following Catacylsm is still uncertain, Marvel has already revealed that Miles Morales will, in fact, be moving to the main 616 universe. It was this news that made the decison by the Ultiamtes to send him to the 616 universe, in Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand #2so interesting and his return from the 616 even more curious in Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand #3

Galactus looms on the cover for Cataclysm: Ultimate's Last Stand 3

The opening page quickly establishes a disjunctive narrative with a battered Miles returning through the teleportation device they discussed sending him through in the last issue. The story then jumps back 25 minutes to the great debate over whether to send the evil Reed Richards to the 616 universe to get information on the alien attacker. During the debate, Iron Man pulls Miles outside to show him the gravity of the situation. Although the next two pages are lumped together, this issue's token Galactus panel only covers about two thirds of the page. (Small miracles.) After Tony outfits Miles with one of his palm repulsors, the two return inside where Miles joins the evil Reed in the universe jump.

Miles and Evil Reed Richards arrive in the Marvel 616 UniverseOnce through to the main universe, the duo immediately proceed to the Baxter Building where Reed is able to disable the security systems—his voice matching that of the 616 Reed—and make his way to the lab below. Once inside, the team uncovers the Fantastic Four's files on all of the various Galactus invasions that have occurred over the years. Just as they manage to make a copy of all the data, however, the two are interrupted by perhaps the one thing Reed may not have counted on: Valerie Richards, daughter of Reed and Susan. Reed battles the security protocols Val reinstates while Miles escapes back to the Ultimate Universe, bringing the issue to a full circle.

Upon his return, Miles fills the team in on the Galactus details, but it's evil Reeds' return that steals the show. Once back in the Ultimate Universe, a newly enlightened Reed shares with Susan the revelation he's had about life now that he's seen first hand in meeting Valerie, and what his life could have been. I'm not sure why Bendis needs evil Reed, but this is a natural way to give the villain a change of heart in time for him to handle some of the heavy lifting of the battle against Galactus. Still, although the team now knows Galactus' name, it remains to be discussed just how they'll battle the Devourer of Worlds.

Which method do you think they'll try? Could it be time for the Ultimate Ultimate Nullifier? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to for more Cataclysm Coverage.


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