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Geek Speak Ep 16 - Justin Bieber, You Have Failed This Country!

Posted by Mike Paden Saturday, January 25, 2014
Geek Speak is a weekly radio show with an explosion of nerd conversation. Join hosts Craig Kellerman, Travis Goss, and Mike Paden as they rant and riff on this week's headlines in movies, TV, video games, comics, technology, cartoons, and whatever else is sparking their attention.

"Justin Bieber, You Have Failed This Country!"

Arrow vs. Justin Bieber Fight:: This Week's Headlines ::
Justin Bieber Arrested - Earlier today, after being pulled over for street racing, Bieber was arrested for driving without a valid license, drunken driving, and resisting arrest.

Batman vs. Superman Delayed - Originally slated for summer 2015, the epic has been delayed almost a year to May 6th, 2016.

Amazon Ships Your Package Before You Buy It - The company patented a new system called "anticipatory shipping" that will predict your next purchase and have it on its way to you before you even click "buy."

We also cover other stories from this week in our fast news segment, award our Clown of the Week, and invite your input through our phone lines and chat room.

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