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Check Out Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, January 18, 2014
The Beautiful Sabrina Pena YoungFor those of you who enjoy the off-the-wall delights as I do, there are many media for artistic work out there that are not exactly what you are used to seeing. Libertaria easily falls into this category, but I didn't choose it specifically based on its uniqueness. One of my favorite things about this story is its odd apocalyptic tone and strong sci-fi/fantasy foundation. The dark quality that comes with it is the cherry on top.

The Virtual Opera Poster LibertariaThe entire hour-long special revolves around a simple idea. When things are too much too bear, when we are oppressed, we don't necessarily have to live that way. It opens with a simple statement coined by Gandhi:

It is possible for a single individual to defy an unjust empire and lay the foundation for regeneration.

Free Comic Opera Show LibertariaThis video comic book opera tells the tale of a family from a new and terrible beginning after the radioactive near-end that has torn their lives apart. The setting is a futuristic, socialist, leftover society that is all but owned by Gentech's technological and biological breakthroughs. Everyone suffers from radiation poisoning, resulting in a zombie-like appearance. Those that are less afflicted are still damaged goods, tending to live for themselves. Also, everyone is sterile—or so they think.

In order for the majority of the population to survive in this future, they drink a formula concocted from the living called Metal Ink. Its purpose is to reverse aging, hopefully until a time when reproduction can begin again, but its ingredients are not extracted with the victims' permission. This amounts to oppression felt by all, and only a rebellion will do the trick—if anything can. Check it out and, when you are finished, let me know what you think downstairs.


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