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Book Review: Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, January 18, 2014
To my book worms: It's far too frequent that we are unimpressed with our reading material. The very real drag that complicates our reading is hiding around the cover of eighty percent of the reading material out there. The cure? Well... we have to find books that don't blow, and I found one for us all, for sure.

Patrick LeClerc Book Out of Nowhere Download LinkOut of Nowhere, an urban fantasy from the mind of Patrick LeClerc, is about a man who is, quite simply, just trying to fit in. The more uneventful his life is, the better off he seems to be. It's all because of some simple differences between him and pretty much the rest of humanity. It seems our hero is endowed with an ability to heal others by touch, and also a body that is quick-healing and unmatched in longevity.

You'd think he would consider it a blessing—and perhaps he does—but when people find out about it, these gifts can be just as much a curse. So instead of flaunting the gift that he should be loved for, he lays low, moving from one paramedic position to the next where he can use his talent a bit more unnoticed. Eventually though, there's always the possibility of running into the wrong person. Patrick Leclerc's Out of Nowhere perfectly illustrates just how such a coincidence can occur.

Such a coincidence in this book leads to some of the best action I've read yet. Guns, knives, swords... you name it. The main character is witty, even more so than Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas, and the best part is that his wit isn't just smart sarcastic narration—the remarks sometimes require a little knowledge of history. I loved his personality, I loved his remarks, and I liked that he wasn't a burly knuckle sandwicher belly-bumping others around like Steven Segal in a bar.

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During my writer exposure campaign, I've been blessed with a relatively decent lineup, with nothing too terrible and even a few that stand out. Among the adult urban fantasy I have read, I can honestly and happily say that I have been blessed with the opportunity to review possibly the most entertaining story in my possession, which I received signed from the author. The interesting part is that "The most entertaining story in my possession" sets a fantastically high bar.

My only real rule while reviewing is simple: Make sure you edit to the best of your ability and make sure you have a great piece—really make it count. These are standards that I believe Patrick LeClerc holds high in his heart, and I would stand by that statement based on Out of Nowhere if he suddenly developed a case of dyslexia and wrote with his eyes closed from this point on.

The back story, the god-like gifts, and the quick pace of the reading left me screaming for more. I remember coming to a point about seventy-five percent through and realizing where Mr. LeClerc could take the story, in a later book possibly. The amazing part is that what I hoped would come in a later installment, literally came within the last three chapters of the book. I was practically jumping out of my seat like my father during the Chicago Bulls Threepeat. I stand behind this intelligent, well-written, and difficult to put down read. In fact, I'm going to add the link to the campaigns I support.


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