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Better Call Saul Bags Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks

Posted by Fellonius Munch Tuesday, January 28, 2014
It seems that we can't get enough of AMC's Breaking Bad lately, even though the show has been over since the end of September 2013. It seemed unlikely in the beginning that a spinoff show would happen. After all, how many shows do you know that get spinoffs, and how many of them work out?

Okay, so there are a shitload of spinoffs, and many of them have been very successful. This is even better news for the makers of Better Call Saul, which is already greatly anticipated by fans of the late Walter White and his supporting characters.

Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Better Call Saul calling card design

Speaking of supporting characters, Better Call Saul has just picked up Jonathan Banks, aka fixer Mike Ehrmantraut, whom Walt murdered in season five. How did they do this?

Jonathan Banks returns to Breaking Bad spin off Better Call Saul as Mike Ehrmentraut
"Easy, I melted my own face [and ears] onto somebody else's body!"

Well for those not yet in the mix, Better Call Saul is billed as a prequel to Breaking Bad, for which the one-hour pilot airs on AMC this coming November. So does that mean we might even meet Walt all over again in later seasons? You never can tell, although it was nice of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to express their interest in returning.

Breaking Bad Saul Goodman heading Vince Gilligan spin-off series Better Call Saul
And of course, we'll be needing Bob Odenkirk
Back to our Banksy, who was part of the show since Season 2. It really did take a special kind of character to pull off Ehrmantraut, and the veteran actor, although not greatly known by name or appearance, has been making an impression since the mid-1970s. You just have to look at him a while and think, "where the hell do I know him from?"

Oh dear, Jonathan, better call an ambulance… and then Saul, if you don't die!

In fact, Banks made a name for himself in the 1980s after appearing in the classic Leslie Nielsen comedy Airplane! and the Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder riot Stir Crazy. He also appeared in other many family friendly films and shows such as GremlinsWalker Texas Ranger, and… err… Linda's Film On Menstruation. Yes, there is a reason he now looks ancient!

Sound off, Fanboys! Are we excited? Take your time with that; you have until next winter, which we don't want to rush into before a few months of warm sunshine. By all means, stay posted, and we'll keep you up to date. Comments below and thanks for reading!

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