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A Starship Trooper and a Gentleman?

Posted by Fellonius Munch Monday, January 6, 2014
Who knew they were actually going to remake Starship Troopers? I mean, for sure? Film studios and producers always bang on about how they'd like to do a remake, how they own the rights to a remake, or how it's most definitely happening now… for a decade!

Well, for those of you who, like me, didn't know they have been planning this since 2012, Starship Troopers is now in pre-production. I don't know how you feel about that. Personally, I could get behind it if I knew who was directing and producing. I don't really care who's starring.

Casper Van Dien Rico Starship Troopers bug invasion scene
"The only good bug is a dead... oooh fuck me, run away!"
You could put Bert and Ernie in the lead and I'd be happy, because I loved the original, and that's because Michael Ironside was a boss!

Total Recall Starship Troopers star Michael Ironside
Hardest Canadian Ever!
After he and Dizzy died I was like, "Casper Van Whooo? Denise Whaaaa? Son of Gary Busey?" I'm kidding, of course. That film rocked. It was like an unofficial Aliens sequel, and it was Paul Verhoeven's best film since Total Recall and Robocop. Speaking of which, what is it about Verhoeven remakes? All that's left to dismiss the freaky Dutchman now is Showgirls, Basic Instinct, and Black Book, and I don't think we'll be seeing those until there isn't a brain cell left in Hollywood.

In a recent statement, one half of the upcoming film's writing team, Zack Stentz (Thor and X-Men: First Class) put out some reassurance by stating that they were doing less of a parody like Verhoeven's version and sticking closer to the source material of Robert Heinlein's original novel.

Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers novel gets a movie reboot

Then adding: "An Officer and a Gentleman in Power Armour!"

Richard Gere Debra Winger 80's man in uniform fantasy

Oh wait... I get it!

Sound off Fanboys and Fangirls. Do you think he just means they'll wear tight white pants instead of tight black pants? Maybe he just means it'll be ultraviolent but with romance instead of comedy and senseless shagging? Comments below and thanks for reading.

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