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Week in Geek: December 11th, 2013

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, December 11, 2013
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


"X-Men: Apocolypse" 2016 post credit sequence makes internet explode.

My take: A leaked, possible post-credit sequence for DOFP suggested Apocolypse would be an alien in the movie-verse instead of the world's first mutant. It has since been debunked...but so what? It's the movies, not the comics. Perhaps that plot thread would lead to a link to the Shi'ar Empire for yet another film. Think big picture, people.

World War Z hires Juan Antonio Bayona

My take: Though capable, I'm sure, I'd be a little happier to hear more on the story. The first disaster ended with a ho-hum due to budget restraints. I did enjoy the first but felt it really missed the mark overusing the world-hopping plotpoints as the reality curve warped wildly over the course of the story.

Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman.

My take: Push-ups required.


Jason Momoa casting for Batman vs Superman heats up "Doomsday" rumors.

My take: Doomsday doesn't translate to live-action, please give up and move on. Even CGI would look forced. Even so, you want to take Batman directly from the streets of Gotham and immediately launch him into a scuffle with a Kryptonian-destroying monster? Great for comics and cartoons (if done right) but sure isn't going to look natural IRL.


Bruce Wayne to be a series regular on "Gotham".

My take: Caallled it. This is a horrid idea and immediately takes the focus off the STAR of the series, Jim Gordon. This is stooping to the lowest common denominator to get viewers. I can understand the Wayne homocide being one story arc but to have Gordon cross paths with a 10 year old over and over will sure feel unlikely damn fast. Hopefully Bruce goes overseas to train sooner than later.

AMC will run "Breaking Bad" and "Walking Dead" marathons over holidays.

My take: Nice knowing you, world! Nice meeting you, my own children! Check out AMC's website for details but they run between December 27th-31st and the ratings will be sadly enou.


"Image Revolution" documentary coming up this month covers the creation of "Image Comics" back in 1992.

My take: I'm curious to see how much of the drama people are expecting actually comes up. A lot of bridges got burned that year and a full story has yet to be told. I'll definitely be watching. Currently available at www.sequart.org for $5.

First post-"Zero Year" story jumps ahead in "Batman"

My take: Gimmick. Stunt. Cry for help. DC Comics. I used to be a huge DC fan from way back before the original Zero HOUR started. I hopped on the year Tim Drake was introduced to the DCU and was loyal until this New 52 nonsense. I preferred the try-hard "Crisis" events over the horribly executed new universe they have now.


4DX Movie Theatres to reign supreme.

My take: I don't personally see the appeal of having liquids sprayed at my face while I'm trying to watch a movie but maybe for kids? I could see my kids having a blast at that and it would make going to a movie even more of an event. I, however, am an adult. I could get on board for scents being included to add atmosphere, or maybe a breeze but don't spray me in the face with a water bottle like a cat.

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