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Week in Geek: December 4th, 2013

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, December 4, 2013
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Jason Vorhees to return in 2015

My take: I'm excited that they're finally getting to part 2...except they're not! This new Friday the 13th will be a soft reboot for the franchise and that's totally unnecessary. The original series went all over the place, even changing Jason into a zombie for the last half of the series (which became his most known state to fandom) If this reboot launches a new series, great, if it's just another "test" then I call bullcrap.

Star Wars is now on Instagram

My take: Wasn't sure where to put this little tidbit but Instagram.com/StarWars launched this week. With so many projects up and coming, this could be worth a watch over the next few years.

J.J. Abrams regrets not promoting "Khaaaaannn!!" as official villain pre-release of Star Trek into Darkness.

My take: Well, duh. Only a few select people couldn't figure out that Bennie Cumbo was playing the rebooted "Khan". These included a woman sitting directly in front of me when I saw the film who literally gasped when he announced "My name...is Khan" in the big reveal scene.


DreamWorks Animation strikes a deal with Netflix to produce 1,200 episodes of original programming

My take: Thank god. I cancelled my cable earlier this year and do not miss it. However, with two kids, it's a constant concern of how to distract them while I make dinner or fold laundry (yeah, I do that shiz, it's 2013 fellas). This deal will at least guarantee fathers like me with kids who get bored easily have something new to check out regularly. Also, I'm a big animation buff overall and, though I'm not excited for their launch series "Turbo" (based on the snail of the same name), there may be a few series that pop up and hit it out of the park.

"Bleeding Cool" reports “The pilot script for Gotham has Detective Jim Gordon trying to solve a very famous double homicide.”

My take: That would be the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. This would set the series about 20-25 years ago (depending on how old you think Batman is). As long as the show completely avoids bat-references and horribly obvious foreshadowing (though you know they will cast a young Bruce Wayne at some point), it could be an amazing cop drama. It would be nice for the series to set up a Gotham that really, really NEEDS Batman.

Brian Griffin killed on "Family Guy"

My take: There has already been talk of his return but the show could use a little shaking up. I personally stopped watching just a few episodes into it's return several years ago so this is a story I know about in headlines only. It's definitely unique (I wouldn't call Maude Flanders a "main character" on "The Simpsons") and I applaud the risk they're taking.


Rogue killed off in "Uncanny Avengers #14

My take: It's a death in comics of a beloved character, an X-Men character, no less. Extremely tiresome as a plotpoint because now her return will probably take anywhere from 5-10 issues to tell sometime next year and I'd rather have $20 cash in my pocket than read so they can go back to status quo.

@BillyHynes tweets original comic art from history

My take: An interesting follow, for sure. Most surprising was the reveal that "The Killing Joke" had some extremely graphic images suggesting Joker raped Barbara Gordon. The page in question was changed for final print but helps add another layer to Gordon's hatred for him.


Actor Paul Walker died in a car crash.

My take: A great thing about being friends (Facebook, Twitter) with improvisers and comedians is that my Twitter feed is always entertaining. However, joke "one-upmanship" takes a bad turn when they're all vying for the most hilarious "Fast and Furious" pun after a beloved actor is killed. I'm talking the NIGHT OF. The internet can be extremely disrespectful but as the last couple days have shown, usually realizes it, apologizes and bounces back.

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