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Screaming with The Bleeding Critic Videos

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, December 22, 2013
We can have the argument some other time about whether we think Twitter is a dying medium for getting your message out there, but the fact remains that a wealth of powerhouse personalities are still using it. Among the mess of population spewing whatever it is that they spew, a gem surfaces once in a great while. Those were my exact sentiments when I stumbled across @BleedingCritic.

Full HD Horror Bleeding Critic Videos And Downloads I came across a video just a few months ago on Twitter that drew me in. It was a promo for the Bleeding Critic's reviews: a black and white video painting a vivid picture of a somewhat mentally deranged character who has just enough clarity of mind to stop and give a very in-depth review. That video has since disappeared.

Who can say whether it was too revealing, such as his mentioning his current or past horror series, his work being made redundant five times in fifteen years, or the political message behind his statements in which he claims to be someone heavily involved in the world of horror already as opposed to the millions of middle-class novices who make up the ranks of horror reviewers currently getting their voices out there. Perhaps the magazines and groups he has joined since have requested him to take the video down. Either way, no one will have the opportunity to be drawn in as I was.

He says we will never see his face, so who is this Bleeding Critic? His reviews began in what I assume was a homemade mask, which has since been upgraded to the mask at the top right, created by an award-winning film costume team. He's most definitely from the United Kingdom, and more than likely living in New York, but any other information about his identity is hidden behind the white face, red hair, and frightening blue eyes. Like I said, your guess about his identity is as good as mine.

At any rate, the man behind the mask promises unique, spoiler-free reviews (such as the one above), good short horror stories (like the one below), and true horror in the watered-down world of lackluster scream films. In my opinion, he delivers on these promises. His May review is one of the most well-delivered reviews I've ever read, both because it really is about as accurate as you can get, and because of his well-employed dark comedy. May is one of my all-time favorite horror films, and simply by watching The Bleeding Critic's review, you can tell the amount of care and dedication he puts into his work. You can see he also delivers on his promise. No spoilers!

Since I began following him, the masked horror has teamed up with Scream Magazine and found loyal advertising from big-name Twitter horror tweeters like @DailyDeadNews and @BlackFlagTV. He's got his own advertising all over New York, including small souvenirs, posters, and clothing. Whether or not you have seen or plan to see his reviews, chances are you will be seeing him around. You just better hope you see him before he sees you.

You can check out more reviews and stories on The Bleeding Critic's YouTube channel, BleedingTV.


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