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Moon Knight Returns Spring 2014

Posted by Fellonius Munch Monday, December 2, 2013
Acclaimed DC, Marvel and Image comic book writer Warren Ellis will bring back Moon Knight in 2014 under the All-New Marvel NOW! banner!

Hellblazer Warren Ellis All-New Marvel NOW! Moon Knight writer

Ellis, who has a massive history in comics, from Doctor Who and X-Men to Hellblazer and Red, is looking to define all that the character has ever been, yet at the same time redefine him for a new era. As somebody you can place firmly between the likes of Alan Moore and Mark Millar, whereas it might seem strange for Ellis to want to write Moon Knight, he's assured readers already that he's actually quite the fan. Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz’s "Countdown to Dark" story was one of his favorite reads during his teens back in '75!

Doctor Who and 2000AD writer Warren Ellis photo

For a character that should be a favorite of so many more than he can currently lay claim to, Moon Knight/Marc Spector has had it rough over the years, suffering cancellation after cancellation and existing in limbo between cameo appearances.

Despite being a former mercenary spared from death by the Egyptian God, Khonshu, now fighting the stranger aspects of street crime with supernatural superpowers and gadgets, Moon Knight is unfairly criticized and passed off as a cheap and tacky Batman. (Moon Knight/Dark Knight? I don't see the similarity…)

Deadpool and Venom artist Declan Shalvey pencils All-New Marvel NOW! Moon Knight series

It's also worth mentioning that this particular vigilante knight is more willing to fight fire with fire, and avenge death with death. As Ellis simply stated to note a big difference:
“The man is demented in more interesting ways than I think Batman ever was. He goes out only at night and dresses in reflective white so you can see him coming. Now that’s nuts. I like that.”
The all new Moon Knight series by Warren Ellis, artist Declan Shalvey and colorist Jordie Bellaire hits shelves in March of next year. This event deserves much anticipation, and to get you in the mood, comic guy extraordinaire Orion Petitclerc will be featuring a rundown of some of the character's best ever outings in the very near future, exclusive to Fanboys Anonymous. Watch this space.

So, Fanboys, what are your thoughts? As always, comment below and thanks for reading!

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