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Hoodratz in Space Wins Fan Favorite Fight

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, December 18, 2013
If you ask me, Hoodratz in Space is an up-and-coming beast in the comic world, or it will be. With such a unique idea and such beautiful art, it simply isn't a failing recipe. I've been liking Hoodratz In Space's art for about six months now on the official Hoodratz In Space Facebook page, and it's fair to say that I think this series will definitely be a juggernaut one day. It won't be too long at all before this comic can be snatched up locally, anywhere.

The Sexy Ladies of Hoodratz In Space Comic Book DownloadDon't believe me? Last year saw the funding of Vear Graphics's first Kickstarter project: a request for a simple eight hundred dollars which was quickly funded—and more!—by soon-to-be Hoodratz In Space fanatics. You can download the comic here: Hoodratz In Space Issue #1.

Hoodratz In Space Issue #1: Who better to save the planet from destruction than a honed and hard group of…female singers? Hoodratz In Space follows this group while an alien race—a people marked by rage and hate, manifested as the Aock Soldiers—set their hearts and minds on the elimination of our people. Considering the danger involved, calling on the Hoodratz is clearly the way to go.

A year later, it was time for round two. Issue #2's Kickstarter manifested recently, asking for a small $200 funding increase over the previous year and for willing project donations. It blew the funding goal out of the water again. My opinion? There will be an Issue #3, and it will be a bad-ass addition to the Hoodratz In Space comic book family. Check out the video for the newly funded project—a much better Kickstarter video than the last, with a ten times better flow—below.

Hoodratz In Space Issue #2 (Per Erik Reeves and Jackie Cannons Kickstarter): The Hoodratz In Space (Starlynn, Cherry, Candy, and Crystal) begin to fight for their race’s survival in the desert plains of Australia and the vast jungles of Africa against an enemy they know nothing about. The four girls are still together, with a few new companions along, as they search planet after planet seeking the source responsible for the attacks.

When it's all said and done, the comics are unique and smart, and the art is amazing. Want to hear more? Scope the video for the first project below, and then make sure you like the Facebook page to get updates. Don't forget to tell me what you think downstairs.

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