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Fangirl Fashion - Blue Kitty Boutique Delivers Geek Chic

Posted by Michelle Quillen Wednesday, December 18, 2013
With the holiday one week away, the need for a last-minute gift or perfect accessory for your New Year’s Eve ensemble may be becoming urgent as 2014 quickly approaches. Luckily for you, Blue Kitty Boutique has you covered with her impressive and adorable collection of handcrafted goods.

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Owned by Marla Rae Morrison, the generously followed and favorited Etsy shop features multiple pages of items ranging from zipper pouches and mirrors to hair bows in patterns that can be described as both flirty AND nerdy (such as these comic and movie bows received by Fanboys Anonymous above).

candy retro kitchy hair decoration collectible cute pastel sweet toothYou’ll find something for any fangirl in your life thanks to the fantastic array of prints found in Blue Kitty’s fabric selection. Retro fashion aficionados will appreciate the polka dots, pinups, and leopard print hair bows. Cloyingly sweet sugar skull, cherry, and Pez patterns will easily capture an eye for quirk. The best thing I’ve found about her pocket mirrors is that they are small enough to sit inconspicuously on your desk for quick lipstick checks, yet the Mylar-protected print on the back is so cool you’ll want people to notice it.
DC Comics Man of Steel geeky fashion hairclip Lois Lane
I received a several compliments on my Avengers hair bow the day I wore it to work and a company holiday party afterward. I put half my hair up and secured the snap clip backing above my hair tie. The snap clip is slid into the center loop of fabric, but it isn’t glued in, so you can switch it to face left or right, replace it with a hair tie, or find other ways to wear it. Another example of the attention to detail on these bows is how Morrison meticulously centers an isolated image to bring the pattern together, such as the trademark “S” on this Superman bow (right).

Everything Blue Kitty Boutique offers is ridiculously affordable, but we have an exclusive coupon code for Fanboys Anonymous visitors to receive 25% off their total purchase, FanboysAnon25, which never expires! So you can be sure to save money while presenting yourself or someone else with truly unique, excellently packaged, and irresistable gifts this year and for many more. Just click the link to be taken to the store!

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What specific pattern would you like to see, and what kind of items could Blue Kitty come up with next? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to Like Blue Kitty Boutique on Facebook and share the coupon code with your friends.

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