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The first issue of Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand set quite a standard for the small, in universe event. The opening saw New Jersey destroyed (tragic, I know) and Galactus on a seemingly unstoppable warpath. Issue two expands the scope of the narrative, bringing in the full might of the Ultimate Universe to deliberate how they'll face the foe who may very well finally lay the Ultimate Universe to rest.
Following the Age of Ultron Event, 616 Galactus storms the Ultimate universe in Cataclysm: The Ultimate's Last Stand 2

After a brief set up narrated by Miles Morales, the issue immediately jumps to gorgeous double page spread that reminds you how Mark Bagley made you fall in love with the Ultimate Universe in the first place. (pictured above) Following a last ditch effort by Spider-Man to challenge the Devourer of Worlds, Tony Stark convinces the gathered heroes, consisting of the Ultimates and the remnants of the Fantastic Four, to retreat, sighting any energy expenditure as an aid to the entity. After saving what civilians they can, the team heads The Cube to talk with the one man Tony knows can help them, the Mysterio of the 616 Universe.

New Black and Hispanic Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, confronts Galactus in Cataclysm: The Ultimate's Last Stand 2Mysterio, trapped from the events of Spider-Men, explains the significance of Galactus and says their only hope lies with Reed Richards which leads Tony to break out the universe jumping device used in the Spider-Men cross over. The remainder of the issue then consists of the debate over who should be the one to go. Ultimately, Miles, who has made the trip before, is selected along side Reed Richards, who's identical DNA will allow him to access all files the 616 Reed may have regarding Galactus.

For the flag ship title of this event, this issue was a bit thin. After the opening action it's really just a series of discussions that felt like they were flushed out to delay Miles and Reed's departure another issue. The book did, however, illuminate how Miles will make the jump to the 616 universe where he will most likely stay. The addition of evil Reed is a fun idea, though he isn't given much room here to demonstrate any ulterior motives. Consequently, this didn't differ much than other Galactus stories. At least Ultimatum, the last event to threaten the life of the Ultimate Universe, was something new. Still, the Miles plot line is certainly one with legs that will continue beyond the Ultimate Universe, even if it survives. Do you think the Ultimate Universe is doomed at the hands of Galactus? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to for reviews of the complete Cataclysm event.

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