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David Goyer Rumored to Pen Low Budget Films for DC

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, December 3, 2013
DC will release two low budget films a year on top of their current slate

Following Marvel's recent Netflix reveal, it seemed only a matter of time until a retort came from the rival DC camp. Today it seems DC may have shown their hand. A new rumor claims they have tapped long time superhero scribe on works ranging from Ghost Rider: Flame of Vengeance to The Dark Knight, David Goyer, to adapt a slew of their characters for appearances in their own low budget films.

The Suicide Squad may be in DC's two movie a year plans along with Team 7, Booster Gold, and DeathstrokeThe real news, of course, is what characters will get their own adaptations in this new wave of films. So far, The Suicide Squad, Booster Gold, Team 7, and Deathstroke are all having their names thrown around in conjunction with the rumor. Should it hold true, the films would release twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

I think this could be a fun idea and a great way to get more of the DCU out of the cinematic shadows of Batman and Superman and into the public sphere. A low budget would also encourage more tactful film making and a focus on narrative. (which would discourage the likes of another Green Lantern) Still, it should be noted this is all rumor without firm backing by DC or Warner Bros. Still, a fan can dream right? Who would you like to see get a shot at the big screen? Check back in to fanboysanonymous.com as we watch the story develop.

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