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Week in Geek: November 27th, 2013

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, November 27, 2013
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week

X-Men: Days of Future Past plot point reveals a connection between Magneto and the JFK assassination.

My take: With the first film taking place during the Cuban Missile Crisis and this film tackling another real-life event, it takes away a bit of the timelessness of the films. To watch these movies again in a decade means the watcher would have a hard time keeping the story taking place as "modern day".

Paul Rudd all but confirmed to be the sought after lead for Marvel's Ant-Man movie.

My take: Wicked. Awesome. Who doesn't love Paul Rudd? His humor and style would be perfect and I would love to see him take an action turn.

Empire magazine shows the first official released image of Optimus Prime and his "new design"....

My take: Ugh. When I heard they were re-designing the characters for the 4th film, I was thinking "streamline" or "more G1". What we seem to be getting is nothing but more of the same. They may have taken out a few open sores and visible cogs here and there but ultimately the designs are as horrible as they ever were.


PS4 and Xbox One both launch to high sales and high glitches.

My take: The only thing these companies could do with such a huge product rollout was handle how they reacted to any issues. On both sides, from the sounds of it, both companies did right by their customers. Gamers were helped as quickly as I'm sure was physically possible when it came to online glitches and console breakdowns. New consoles were offered and appeasement games were given out as a "thanks for your patience" by Microsoft. Though I'm sure there are thousands of gamers still waiting for aid but considering the huge numbers involved here, I think both companies did the right thing reacting with understanding (and not denying there were any issues).


This week in retrospective geek history: On November 22nd, 1968, Star Trek aired the first inter-racial kiss on television.

My take: Damn right, they did. Star Trek broke new ground in more ways than one, inspiring politics and science alike.

Teaser trailer for season 3 of Sherlock hit the internet.

My take: So frustrating there is no date posted yet. The season ended on what I can't believe was a cliffhanger and I can't wait to see how this gets resolved. I'm so glad a patient and intelligent series like this has gained such high acclaim. Shows like this raise the bar for good TV.


DC/WB officially wins full copyright to Superman.

My take: As a creator myself, I sympathize with the families of Seigel and Shuster. It's not just the financial loss they've been stuck with but after decades of litigation, the big company defeated them. They'll still be noted with creator credit, as they have been since 1938 in comics, TV and movies but this still stings.

Geoff Johns off Aquaman with #25

My take: This does not bode well for the King of the Seas. I've always been inspired by the underdog characters and you don't get much better than Arthur Curry. The book will need to gain one hell of a respected team to keep it's momentum going or face yet another cancelled series. DC has worked very hard to make Aquaman a big time player in The New 52 and a cancelled book would throw everything off kilter.

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's run on Daredevil will end this spring, very odd since the book has had nothing but success.

My take: (Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's run on Daredevil will continue immediately after with new numbering!? Waid has justified it as the series takes a dramatic turn in "every aspect" of Matt's life, even moving DD to San Francisco). Whatever they want to do! I've enjoyed Waid's run on DD like nothing else I've read in decades. The low key tone of the plotlines is amazing considering most of the stories are actually much broader than Waid makes them feel. I just have so much fun reading them that they feel like a fun movie of the week.

HOLLYWOOD (but the UK kind)

Monty Python announces their return to the stage, new show sells out in 43 seconds!

My take: A group of legends that changed the face of comedy as we know it. Expect the scalper prices on these tickets to skyrocket to epic proportions.


http://www.fbomb.com is a website made by an Ontario, Canada student that tracks, in real time, any use of the "F" word, worldwide.

My take: It's fascinating to watch. Check it out and see how often Americans swear compared to Canadians.

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