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Fan of classic rock music? Have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around to spend on former belongings of members of Led Zeppelin and Van Halen? Hold on to those last hairs, Beardo, because Profiles in History is bringing its Rock 'n' Roll Auction to Los Angeles on December 18.

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Maybe your current display of collectibles is closer to a pair of antlers gathering dust on the mantle of your apartment, which you claim to have once procured from Ted Nugent. During a trip to Michigan in 1970. When you weren't even born yet. (But the guitar pick next to it is from Lollapalooza!) Well, thanks to Joe Maddalena, who hails from an East coast family of antique dealers, you can merely admire the latest authentic items upon Profiles in History's auction block as others cough up the coin to top off their collections. This week, the world's largest auctioneer of Hollywood memorabilia announced a series of awe-inspiring offerings.

During his final months over 40 years ago, famed singer Jim Morrison of The Doors kept a handwritten notebook that was never published. It contains over 100 pages of poems and musings, such as "The impressions are seeing me. Are there images that I need to complete my own reality?"

Unpublished Secrets Musings Drugs Music Death PhilosophyThe hardcover marble notebook comes to us from the collection of Graham Nash, who wrote the following inscription within its full leather clamshell case: "Handwritten book by Jim Morrison – given to me by Bill Siddons in the 80's Graham Nash. P.S. Bill Siddons was the man who picked up Jim's body in Paris. He was also my manager." The abandoned book is looking for a new home to the tune of $200,000 to $300,000.

The next item has been lucky enough to stand the test of time, being hidden away in a case for 30 years and once belonging to the incomparable Eddie Van Halen.
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Probably one of the most recognizable axes in the industry, the 1982 Kramer Frankenstrat was one of eight hand-crafted and painted guitars. Did you see Van Halen on tour for Diver Down from '82–83? This is specifically what you heard Eddie playing. Or, if you grew up hearing "Panama," "Hot for Teacher," or "Jump" on the radio, this guitar was also featured on that career highlight of an album "1984." Not only does a portion of its sale benefit guitarist Jason Becker and the Jason Becker Special Needs Trust for his treatment for Lou Gehrig's Disease, but at $100,000–$150,000, it will be the most expensive instrument in your music room that your cats will knock over and chip.

Known also for his passion for historical documents, Profiles in History founder Joe Maddalena has gotten his hands on a series of authentic pages of songs with handwritten lyrics, including "Stairway to Heaven" by Robert Plant (estimated to sell for $2,000–$3,000), Roger Waters' words to "The Wall" (estimated to sell for $1,000–$1,500), "Riders on the Storm" penned by Jim Morrison (estimated to sell for $20,000–$30,000), and Bob Dylan-scribed "I Want You" (estimated to sell for $30,000–$50,000). Winning bidders are wisely advised to invest about $20.00 in protective Lucite sheeting so that the ink doesn't meet the cup-condensation fate met by my 8th grade art project after I spent what felt like 20,000 years on it.

Potential bidders can stake their claim on desired items by going to and filling out a registration form with their proposed amount. You can also join their mailing list on the site to get news about upcoming auctions, watch videos, and keep up on the company's blog.

What piece of rock and roll history would you place your bid on if money weren't an object? Leave a Comment below to let us know and why.

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