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The Walking Dead "Live Bait" Review & Synopsis

Posted by The Dace Man Sunday, November 17, 2013
Who does the Governor Kill? The Dace Man is back to help you kick of this week with another Walking Dead review and synopsis!!  Can not believe we are already at episode six this season. We have dealt with this damn illness for long enough, and I am ready for some Walking Dead Season 3 Action!! Episode 5, titled "Internment," left us with the most awesome cliff hanger we have all been waiting for... The Governor is back!! That last minute of "Internment" was the most kick-ass minute of television this fall season. Tonight's episode will hopefully redeem the slow start and exile of Carol we've had to deal with this season thus far. What trouble will the Governor have in store for us? How will Daryl react to Rick kicking Carol from the group? Are the remaining prison squatters all healed now? All this and hopefully more on this week's The Walking Dead!!!!


This week's episode kicks off where we last saw the Governor leaving the people he massacred from Woodbury and fleeing. It then fast-forwards to him sitting by a fire watching a walker burn. The walker is then shot by one of his fellow runaways. We cut to the next morning, where we see the others have ran off leaving the Gov. all by himself. A song queues and we see the Governor driving through Woodbury and burning it to the ground. He has clearly snapped and we hear a voiceover of the Morrissey talking to a girl. He tells the girl the man in charge lost it and barely got out alive. We see him walking with a manly beard and long hair. He stumbles along a beaten man till he finds a family fortified. He kicks his weapons to them and queue the awesome intro.

When we cut back, we see that he is being grilled by the family, which is being extra cautious with him. He lies to them about his name and says he will only be staying the night. They bring him some food and he eats alone. Phil looks like a beaten man at this point who has lost his way and has completely snapped. We cut over to the family going about family business when he tries to return the plate. He is greeted with a barrel of a gun but is invited in anyway, still with a blank look on his face. As a writers note... the one girl is smoking hot, in my opinion, and I just found out her name is Tara. Tara is a hottie. They tell Phil their back story of how they ended up alive and together. Tara quips at the Governor, and he helps the old man on an oxygen tank to read. The old man does small chit-chatting with the Governor, and this entire time I'm waiting for the Governor to kill them all... he's going to do it, I just know it. The old man convinces him to get a backgammon table from an upper floor. I'm betting the Governor kills them all with a backgammon board. He acquires the game but decides to do some investigative work like the damn Batman, and finds the former tenant in the tub, where he stabs him in the head and he takes the gun. Off to the first commercial break of the show.

We return to find the Governor has successfully completed the Backgammon mission. We find him waking up, and a doggie bag and his gun being redelivered. He reveals he kept the gun he found upstairs and prepares to leave. He then explains that when killing a walker you need to get 'em in the brain. Then the family begs him to get an oxygen tank for the old man. For whatever reason, he agrees and makes his way to the hospital. This episode seems to be gearing to the fact he's not really a bad guy anymore, somewhat of the "you have to fall from grace to rebuild yourself" type scenario. The man tries to grab an entire cart, but only manages to escape with two canisters, and we're off to a Hunger Games promo... buy your tickets now.

Next we see the Governor dropping off the canisters and frantically retreating to his room he has taken. The woman who was not Tara is tending to Phil's wounds. This woman is clearly thirsty, telling him that the young girl Megan thought Phil was her dad. The girl enters, and the mom explains to the girl that "Brian" has a boo-boo. Way to water down this maniac, have him be watched by a five-year-old. Now it's time for the little girl to play twenty questions with the Governor. Then the shocking details are revealed that the Governor doesn't know what a pinky swear is. He jokingly tells the little girl he's a pirate, then explains that he was trying to help someone from getting hurt but he got hurt instead. And off to the third installment of commercials, where Jonah Hill has a creepy role in a new Scorsese film.

Continuing on with the episode revolving around the Governor, he is now clean-cut and clean-shaven, playing chess with the little girl Megan. Awww, bonding. Awww, the old guy died. Awww, Tara's crying. Oh shit... the old man's back. And the Governor saves the family in a very gruesome way only he knows how to do. We then see him digging a grave outside, and he buries the old man. They return to the apartment, to a girl who is now terrified of him. Tara understands why Phil did what he had to do and explains they are cool, engaging in the fist bump. Poor Megan, on the other hand, is clearly terrified. The Governor leaves, and we see him at night burning the picture of his family. He might be crying, but it's hard to tell with an eyepatch. He then decides to leave. We now see Lily—my attention to detail blows, but I just caught her name—begging "Bryan" a.k.a Phil a.k.a. the Governor to take them along, stating he's now stuck with them. Commercial!

Martinez and The Governor find a new group.Back, and Phil and family are on the road in a truck, heading where the roads take em. They stop and take a break, having a fire by a lake. Megan is still terrified of the Governor. The next scene sees them sleeping in the truck together. TOLD YOU LILY WAS THIRSTY!! She's getting all close to the Governor, and it's a one-way ticket to bang town!! Awkward as hell, though, with the others being in the truck... The truck dies and the crew hits the road on foot. Tara then twists her ankle, and Phil notices a herd of walkers. Megan decides not to move. It takes Phil a few minutes to convince Megan to jump in his arms, but they take off into the woods with the herd following him. They fall into a pit where the Governor destroys four walkers with his bare hands!! Somehow that gains Megan's trust. The man who finds them in the pit is none other than Martinez, his former right hand man and the man who left him at the beginning of the episode.  End scene. End episode.

For a Governor-centered episode, this episode kicked ass! It was nice to take a break from Rick and the group and the damn illness.So many questions still remain unanswered for next week. How will Martinez receive the Governor this time around? How's everyone in the Prison? What eventually leads the Governor back to the Prison? All that and more!

So see ya next week, walkers! As always, check back regularly to see what Chris "The Dace Man" Dace is looking at (and no, not just porn), as well as all of the other bloggers here at Fanboys Anonymous. Until then, for the few, the proud, and of course the Dacetacular, grab a beer—and in this case an eye patch—and check out what's going on here in the Dace-Sphere. See ya next time!


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