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The Walking Dead "Internment" Review & Synopsis

Posted by The Dace Man Sunday, November 10, 2013
Who Died on the Walking Dead in Season 4?Welcome back, Fan Boys and Fan Girls. It is I, Chris "The Dace Man" Dace, back to break down another episode of AMC's The Walking Dead. What did the land after it all went to hell have in store of us this week? How did the group back at the Prison take Carol's banishment? Did Daryl's crew make it back in time? All that and more will hopefully be answered this week. Looks like things are ramping up, and it's time to break it down Dace Man style. Hold on to your butts and lets us try and survive another episode.

We kick off this weeks episode with Rick on the road back to the Prison. He's got that glazed crazy look in his eye, similar to the one he had after Lori died. The camera zooms in, and we cut to Hershel in the cells.  We see Hershel, Glen, and Ty's sister performing an intubation on one of the sick. Hershel and Glen then make the rounds of the cell block to check in on everyone. They find Mr. Jacobs dead, at which point Glen and Hershel try to remove the body before anyone can see it. The little girl Carol was looking after walks in on them, in response to which Hershel shoots a quick "Read Tom Sawyer for me and go away" line. They finally get the dude in the back, and Glen stabs him in the head. We roll into the opening credits... one can only hope this is the last episode dealing with the sickness.

After the credits roll, Hershel walks up to Maggie, who is waiting on Glen. They argue back and forth over her coming in to help... blah.. blah... blah... tears. They chit-chat longer about mushy stuff till Hershel exits back into the cells. He walks up next to Glen, who thanks Hershel for sending Maggie away. Now we're outside, where Maggie is taking out his frustration on walkers at the fence. At this point Rick returns, noticeably without Carol. Rick explains to Maggie that she was the one who killed the two from earlier episodes. Rick then asks Maggie if she would have done the same thing. She replies that he made the right choice, though she couldn't have done it. He then goes looking for Carl with the supplies. Carl, as always, is being a pain in the ass, whining to Rick that he wants to help. I really hope he doesn't revert back to Season 2 Carl, because Season 3 Carl turned into a little badass. Back in the disease-infested cell block, Hershel is still checking in on everyone, including the doctor. Caleb gives Hershel the "We're all dead" speech about doing what must be done. Dude sounds like a heroic Emperor Palpatine. Hershel finally gets a look at the good doctor and sees he's bleeding from the eyes... yup, he's a goner. 
Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6 Spoilers 
We are back from the first round of commercials, and we see Hershel closing people into their cells. As he is doing it, a man drops dead out of his cell, to which Hershel advises everyone to get back to their cells. Ty's sister tries to help Hershel, but she is clearly winded. I can only imagine how Ty is going to react if he gets back and she has kicked the bucket. Some san song with a guitar is playing in the background as Hershel takes care of the man who just died. The song really sets the mood as he plunges a knife into his head. Rick calls out to him from the other side of the window. Hershel responds by saying that three have passed; he explains that he didn't want the people to see others dying because it would kill them faster. Rick assures him that his determination is a good sign for the sick. Rick then tells Hershel about Carol. We cut to Hershel locking people in for the night. Finding Sasha collapsed in her cell, he tries to revive her as the camera turns to a woman who had passed away and just turned. Here we go, it's about to hit the fan... aaaand we get a commercial. At this point I am on the edge of my seat and these commercials are now my enemy, but unfortunately I can't stab them in the head with a knife...

Upon returning from commercial, we see Rick and Maggie strengthen the fence. They converse about Hershel being locked in the cell and how they would be in there if they could help. A walker grabs Rick, and Maggie hacks off the arm. Maggie to save the day, Hoo Haa!! Back in the cell, we see Hershel has revived Sasha from her dehydration, and they call each other fools for working so hard. Back-handed compliments seem to be an ongoing theme this episode. We cut to Glen trying to revive a man, and as soon as he tries to yell for Hershel, he hits the ground coughing blood. We then cut to Hershel being attacked by zombies. All hell has broken loose, and Maggie makes a break for it. So the death count went from three to most likely eight. I'm assuming the woman who tried to save Hershel and got shot in the arm is dead. You had an honorable death, extra number five. We see Hershel get back to his feet—well, I guess foot—and he sees the little girl luring a walker away from Glen, which you know means it's time for a commercial. Boo, stop with this commercial shiz. You start getting interesting only to cut away to some slutty cheerleaders promoting a Travel Channel show.

Pictures of Maggie from The Walking Dead NudeBack to the action. Rick is looking for Carl, and he finds him. Exciting, right? Hershel then runsagain, I'm not sure if that's possibleand saves the little girl from a walker. Maggie arrives, swinging an axe at a window that's not going to break, and Hershel turns into Rambo. Time to rack up a kill count for Hershel. We cut to Rick and Carl fortifying the fence. They fail horribly, but escape to a tower. Rick's next course of action is to fortify the second fence. The prison is slowly falling to the walkers. They load up with some ammo, and they are looking to mow down some zombies with rapid fire. The walkers break free and are now heading their way.  Let the dramatic music and mowing of zombies commence. Hershel is luring away a walker in the cell, and Rick and Carl are trying their best. Maggie breaks into the cells as Hershel starts mowing down some walkers. He then tries to tend to Glen, but realizes he's got to get the intubator out of one of the walkers. After going toe to toe with a zombie, Maggie shoots the walker and Hershel makes the save. Holy five minutes of action, Batman!

I think after all is said and done... we're now back to the original Prison gang and the feisty little girl, who will clearly marry Carl 'cause she doesn't listen to being told to stay put! Damn it, Carl... er... I mean Girl! Good news: The original ass-kicker Daryl is back. Hopefully this means the illness story arc is over. Congratulations, AMC ,you have successfully wiped out all the people from Woodbury, and Rick is back to worrying only about a handful. Queue the guy that sings like he's smacking his throat, and Hershel walks off to reflect with his Bible in a cell, only to break down into tears. So many tears! This season could have used some Dale face. Enter the last commercial break.

With only five minutes left, we're back with Rick exiting a cell block... uh oh. Just kidding, we see Michonne dragging the walker bodies onto a trailer. We then see Daryl, calling everybody a "tough sommabitch" and then immediately asks "How's Carol?" Hershel then conveniently pawns that off to Rick. Lastly, we see Rick and Carl in the garden, picking plants. The last scene we see is the camera panning away from the prison, and BOOM!!!! 
The Governor returns on The Walking Dead Season 4

See ya next week, kiddies! As always, check back regularly to see what Chris "The Dace Man" Dace is looking at (and no, not just porn), as well as all of the other bloggers here at Fanboys Anonymous. Until then, for the few, the proud, and of course the Dacetacular, grab a beer—and in this case a leadership role—and check out what's going on here in the Dace-Sphere. See ya next time!


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