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Marvel Spins Ant-Man Casting Rumours

Posted by Fellonius Munch Friday, November 29, 2013
Among some very interesting rumors spreading around recently, Marvel let loose that although nothing is set in stone, director Edgar Wright's Phase-3 movie Ant-Man definitely has two names in the hat!

Marvel Ant Man movie promo poster
The Marvel comic adaptation, set for release in 2015, apparently has a frontrunner for the role of Dr. Hank Pym in Paul Rudd. Surprised? I wasn't! Shall I tell you why?
Role Models Actor Paul Rudd to play Ant Man Hank Pym
Guess which one's Paul Rudd.
Previously on Internet forum troll wars…

In a flurry of speculation, Marvel fans have previously speculated that Nathan Fillion should step into the shoes of the incredible shrinking/growing genius doctor (the man that actually created Ultron—yeah, not you, Stark). I thought that that would be a mighty fine idea as well. Not a casting director in the Verse ought to stop a fan wanting Nathan Fillion to star in an awesome sci-fi action movie.
Marvel Ant Man Phase 3 movie 2015
"A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything!"
Then Joseph Gordon-Levitt came into the mix, and that wasn't such a bad idea. I really appreciate JGL as an actor, but there's only a certain kind of action he does, and I don't think Ant-Man fits the bill. Of course, it's hard being a fanboy and having to place trust in the guys that make such highly anticipated movie projects a reality.
Ant-Man motorboating Janet Van Dyne Wasp
Because if I don't see Ant-Man shrinking himself for the mother of all motorboats, screw you, Disney!
No, I look to this news and I think, "Hmmm, Paul Rudd… You know what? That's crazy enough to work!" After all, this is not The Dark Knight we're getting. This is a surreal sci-fi action film from the maker of Scott Pilgrim vs The World, World's End, Hot Fuzz, and Spaced, not some bloated superhero movie that cares more about muscle size than character.

So, Paul Rudd—good character actor, prankster, fresh-faced mid-forties fan favorite (of comedy fans), and ladies man…not a bad choice!
Ant Man actor Paul Rudd and Red actress Helen Mirren kiss on the Graham Norton Show
Paul Rudd can pull Helen Mirren, he can pull off a Marvel movie.
As for Dr. Pym's girlfriend and later wife, Janet Van Dyne (aka The Wasp)…
Marvel character The Wasp Janet Van Dyne in Edgar Wright Ant Man movie
Sources now say that the eye-crossingly pretty Rashida Jones is now also first choice. This would make perfect sense because Miss Jones not only is familiar with Rudd but she also is a long-time veteran of television and film comedy, including The Office, Robot Chicken, and Parks and Recreation.
Rashida Jones Wasp Costume Janet Van Dyne in Marvel Ant Man movie
I've run out of boob references.
I am getting the feeling that—providing that these sources are trustworthy—Edgar Wright is looking to bring a piece of Scott Pilgrim to the action and leave us wetting ourselves laughing while we're not rubbing our eyes to make sure we DIDN'T just see the kind of mind-boggling visionary genius he is so capable of.

I'd like to think that Ant-Man is in great hands here, so if the news is true, we should be able to rest assured until we know for sure. Sound off, Fanboys, what do you make of this? Feel free to comment. If you don't, though, Santa will more than likely shit down your chimney…

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