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Man of Steel: Knight Falls - Possible Titles for Batman vs Superman

Posted by Anthony Mango Thursday, November 21, 2013
Warner Bros. has registered several domain names earlier this week that scream at being potential alternative titles to the upcoming Batman and Superman film.

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Previously, we were told that no title was decided upon, but the powers that be were playing around with combinations such as "Batman vs. Superman", "Superman vs. Batman", "Superman/Batman" and "Batman/Superman".

A lot of speculation went into possible other titles that have been used over the years for team-ups between these two superheroes, including World's Finest and Public Enemies.

Now, it looks like the latest bunch of titles to add to the rumor mill include the following:

Man of Steel Battle the Knight
Man of Steel Beyond Darkness
Man of Steel Black of Knight
Man of Steel Darkness Falls
Man of Steel Knight Falls
Man of Steel Shadow of the Night
Man of Steel The Blackest Hour
Man of Steel The Darkness Within

Since they were legitimately registered by the parent company responsible for these films, these titles hold much more weight than mere fan speculation.

Frankly, I hate all of these except for Man of Steel: Knight Falls, which I still think isn't as good of a title as it could be. The rest of them don't fit, whether it's because it would be better suited for Green Lantern (i.e. Blackest Night style) or because it's too much of a retread of titles we've been seeing lately (Star Trek Into Darkness—though at least we can hope the title doesn't include "Age of" or "Rises"). 

That being said, these could just be titles that will be used for other projects, such as comic book tie-ins, toy lines, video games, etc.

What do you think of these options? Do you have a favorite or are you hoping that the film is titled something else?

Leave your ideas in the comments below!


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