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Lord of the Silver Hand Book Review

Posted by Anonymous Monday, November 4, 2013
A Story of Celtic Gods and Adventurous Children - Jack Frost
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Lord of the Silver Hand is for 11- to 13-year-old fantasy lovers. I was a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed it, because it was quite far out of my age group. My son and I read it together, however, and much of the time I had to tell him we simply couldn't read on. There is homework, housework, and dinner to be done, after all, but in the minds of children, such priorities should not always be the priority.

No words could be truer, especially in the minds of our child heroes, Caleb and Blossom. The story begins when they sneak out to see a cosmic event in the middle of the night, only to stumble upon an eccentric "man" of unknown origin—or is he a man? Either way, he has unique powers, and neither of the children can decide whether or not they should be frightened by Jack Frost.

Once Caleb takes the first leap toward trust, this book unfolds into a bit of a rabbit-hole tale about a queen and king who despise one another and how their fighting has halted the changing of the seasons. The children will soon discover that their new fantasy reality exists on an odd parallel to the world they know, and the book itself draws an interesting metaphor for the current global warming crisis the Earth is currently undergoing.

My favorite thing about this read was that it was just like the fables and short stories I remember reading in class when I was younger, albeit a bit longer. The nostalgia it brought with it—memories of reading at an age when everything wasn't bound by logic—and the fun I shared with my son as he imagined the possibilities of a world that wasn't quite so scientific, were the definite bonuses of reading a great book by a fantastic children/adult fantasy author. I strongly suggest reading this with your 11- to 13-year-old young ones. It will certainly keep your attention. The Author Exposure Campaign

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