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Kevin Smith Has Seen Ben Affleck as Batman

Posted by Jeff Penner Tuesday, November 12, 2013
On November 9th, Kevin Smith hosted a live "Man of Steel" Q&A panel with Zack Snyder and the stars of said film (Amy Adams and Henry Cavill) and then recorded one of his many "SModcasts" where he revealed something amazing.
Superman Batman 2015
Douche by day, douche by night....
After the panel, privately, Zack Snyder pulled out his iPhone and held it up for Kevin to see an image of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit he will wear during filming of Batman/Superman 2015 (hear the full audio on the SoundCloud embed below).

Fanboys everywhere wish there was a "Being John Malkovich" door somewhere they could get into Smith's brain and see the image that Smith described in very loose detail. What we do know is that the version is unique from every previous version we have seen before (no nipples, confirmed!) and that there is a DCU New 52 design aspect to it. The most unique design for Batman in The New 52 is the Greg Capullo version in the regular "Batman" series.

Ben Affleck Batman batsuit Greg Capullo art
Introducing "Batman! The Boy Wonder!"
That version is a straight forward grey on black number with a helmet-shaped cowl and armor plating on the gloves and boots. However, the suit was also described as "it's own thing," so it may be a mash-up of a couple things and that is what makes it unique.

The suit may very well go through several changes from what Kevin Smith saw that day and may end up being something completely different. However, a new take on a batsuit to highlight the "light and day" aspect the relationship between Superman and Batman engrosses might make this movie pop on screen in a way nobody expects.

With the attention moving on to things such as the batsuit itself, have you accepted Ben Affleck as your Batman and personal savior?


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