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Fundraiser for Yuan Works' New Title on Indiegogo

Posted by Jeremy Kahn Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Yuan Works' Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles was a standout indie title when released for the Dreamcast back in 2008, four years after SEGA discontinued their thinking machine. What made this game unique among all the other Dreamcast releases coming out from indie studios was the game's genre. Most games at the time, such as DUX, were shoot 'em ups. Wind & Water: Puzzle Battle broke this trend by delivering a fun, inventive puzzle game, putting a new twist on the columns format.

Fans have waited long for the next Yuan Works title, and finally something has been spotted on by Siliconera. In the vein of Evoland, Yuan Works' new project looks to pay homage to video games over the decades.

new Yuan Works video game for IOS Android download
And thus, we've been working on GameStar. A game that tells a very particular story, about a modern-day full-3D character who, by accident or fate, has to wander into a mystical world, where ancient ruins of the “2D” civilization still exist. Where swords and sorcery replace guns and technology.
Younger players will experience a time in video game history that they may have missed, and veterans will go on a trip to hopefully relive and create new great memories! In the battle of the planets, which will prevail? The modern 3D world, or the ancient 2D culture?

You can score a digital download of the game for a $10 donation. As of now, Android and IOS seem to be the only confirmed platforms. However, it seems that other avenues are being considered depending upon the funds acquired. We could see this on the Ouya, the PC, and potentially even on consoles.

One nice thing about Yuan Works is how they interact with their fans. They constantly blog through the development of their games, showing fans progress as it's made. This behind-the-scenes blog is a great way to see what goes into the making of each of Yuan Works' games.

Before I wrap things up, have a listen to a sample track that will set the mood for the game.

You can really get a grasp at what type of game awaits with this sound clip.

If you're a fan of Yuan Works' previous outings and of Evoland, helping this project out is a must. Head over to and show your support!

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