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Fantastic Four Postponed Until Summer 2015

Posted by Fellonius Munch Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Fox has now moved its seemingly hasty need for a Fantastic Four film franchise reboot further down the line for a release date of 19th June 2015! 
Marvel comics Fox Fantastic Four 2015 film reboot
Despite the postponement being just about the only new development for the film--at least publicly--it seems to me that Fox is throwing Fantastic Four into the lion's den. Whether this is just a half-baked plan to fit in at the box office as one in a long line of anticipated summer blockbusters, or if the multinational multimedia conglomerate doesn't want to look like a total pussy next to Paramount (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Warner Brothers (Superman vs Batman), or Disney and Pixar (Inside Out), it means that Fox is going to have to pull out all the stops on Fantastic Four.
Marvel comics Ultimate Fantastic Four set for 2015 movie reboot
A recap of what we do know: Chronicle writer and director Josh Trank (also responsible for that lovely bank heist and hostage series The Kill Point and a secretive Venom movie project) will be directing. That was the good news.
Chronicle Writer Director Josh Trank to direct Fantastic Four reboot
"Must. Have. More. Upskirt. Shots."
The bad news is that it's written by four scriptwriters. Yes, and why do you need four scriptwriters? Jeremy Slater (who?), Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), Zack Stenz (Thor, X-Men: First Class), and, last but not least, Ashley Miller (who shares the same writing credits with Stenz) are credited.

I just hope that Stenz and Miller being billed as current Top Gun 2 writers doesn't reflect on the calibre of Fantastic Four's script....

Johnny Storm: Hey Ben (Grimm), you're still a heavy bastard but you can be my wingman anytime...

Ben Grimm: Stop looking at my ass!

But the fact that it already has four writers--no matter how good they may be--makes me want to go rock back and forth in a dark room and think about the four-man scripted catastrophe that was World War Z.

Miles Teller (erm... Project X) is in the running for Mr. Fantastic, whereas Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) is the only credited actor so far as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. You may remember after that official announcement the internet was called a massive racist for wondering--albeit quite outrageously--why Johnny Storm was suddenly going to be African-American.
Chronicle Actor Michael B Jordan will portray Fantastic Four Johnny Storm Human Torch 2015
I sure hope you like your moustaches crispy!
Well, actually, it was just anybody that liked the Fantastic Four they way they are who had an issue; or anyone that got excited for flamin' hot (whooaaa) muscular blonde white men, which is what Johnny Storm technically is. But hey, you have to give the guy a chance; Jordan is a promising talent and has to be given his chance to prove himself. And even if Fox becomes the laughing stock of 2015, you can't blame an actor for putting bread on the table!

Regardless, as much as I could let the original movies slide; and as much as Jessica Alba wore that skintight jumpsuit impeccably well; and as much as the onscreen relationship between Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis was undeniably entertaining, Evans can't start moonlighting as different characters in the same fictional universe.

So let's just sit back and NOT assess the damage until the film actually bombs--if it bombs. More news to come!

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