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Does Justin Bieber Deserve All of This Hate?

Posted by Unknown Monday, November 11, 2013
Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop icons and celebrities in the world today. He has a fan base known as the "Beliebers" and is the subject of many debates on whether he deserves all the fame that he's earned. However, with all this love comes even more hate. There are many websites and forums that are all about ripping a new one on Bieber, and there are a crap-ton of Twitter pages dedicated to making Bieber fans feel annoyed and unwanted. This begs the question of whether he deserves all of this hate. Well, that's a tricky question to answer.

Justin Bieber's new album leaked
Yes, I do like his long hair.
If this was the Justin Bieber from 2010 when he'd just become famous from his YouTube videos, then I would say he doesn't deserve the hate. People hate on him because of his music and because he sounds younger than his actual age (or at least, they used to). I never really liked his music, but that's mainly because his music is directed at teenage girls. Whenever "One Time" came on the radio, my sisters would turn it up, but it never bothered me as I always just listened to my iPod instead. Also, when people hate on his music, what do you expect him to sing about? It is better to sing about love than it is to sing about sex, drugs, and violence... teehee. Now, this was all when he was 15-17 years old. Let's take a look at the Justin who we all know now.

Hot pics of Justin Bieber nude
They grow up so fast.
This Bieber to my left is the one that makes me question whether he deserves all of the hate that he gets. He has been caught doing some stupid things over the past two years. This list includes racing with a friend, which resulted in him speeding through his neighborhood; smoking some marijuana; spitting on fans; getting in multiple altercations (one leading to him kicking a man on the ground); and peeing in bizarre places. He's basically becoming the male version of Miley Cyrus. Hopefully, he doesn't go around showing his junk to all of his fans.

The weirdest thing that happened in the Bieber saga thus far is when one day I got on Twitter and saw in my news feed a picture/tweet of a girl who cut herself because Bieber smoked some weed. Really? I guess it sucks when you find out that your idols turn out to not be perfect. I mean, I remember when I found out that Robert Downey Jr. was an every-drug-in-the-books head. Do you know what I did when I found out?  I went to go watch Iron Man at the movie theater. The moral of the story is that nobody is exactly what they seem to be and that you should never cut yourself over stupid reasons like this, or for any reason at all.

So to answer the question at hand, does he deserve the hate? Yes, he completely does. Justin is one of the dumbest celebrities in Hollywood today and I wouldn't be surprised if he turned up dead in the hospital due to an overdose in the next few years.

Do I hate the guy? No. That's mainly because I don't pay attention to the stuff he does. But do I understand why almost every other guy hates him? Absolutely.

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