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Comparing Call of Duty: Ghosts Versions for Wii U & Xbox 360

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, November 13, 2013
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If, like me, you own a Wii U and an Xbox 360, you're probably wondering what the differences are between Call of Duty: Ghosts on the two platforms. So I went ahead and bought both versions of the game, because I'm that sad—and so that I could present my findings and give an in-depth review, which I personally see as unbiased as I am a loyal fan of both companies.


For me, this is where you get your money's worth. The story is very well written; it sucks you in and sends you into an American wasteland. It's the story of Logan Walker and his brother David "Hesh" Walker. It begins with Logan, Hesh, Riley the dog, and your dad out in the woods talking about Mom and the legend that is the famous Ghost Squad. The next minute, the earth begins to shake and you think its an earthquake, but it's not. It is a weaponized satellite up in space that destroys America and turns it into a wasteland. I will leave the story there; always leave them wanting more, I say.

On to the actual review. I thought some parts of the story was great. You get to drive a tank and a helicopter. I would have liked to see more of these types of these missions. There are also hidden files to collect. On the hardest difficulty, it took me about six or seven hours to complete, which is pretty standard nowadays. The campaigns on the Wii U and the Xbox are identical, but I played the campaign on the Wii U because I wanted to watch The Hobbit at the same time.

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Where do I begin? CoD points are back, and if you don't know what CoD points are, they're points you can spend to unlocking guns and perks. There are a total of 15 maps on the Wii U, and 16 on the Xbox if you have the Free Fall edition. With the Wii U version of the game, you get every multi-player game mode the 360 has, apart from Clan Battles. In addition, some new modes and old favourites have returned. These are:

Team Death Match (old)

Do I really have to explain this one?

Cranked (new)

Like TDM, but once you kill an opposing team member, you have 30 seconds to kill your next target.

Blitz (new)

Enter the opposing teams base to earn points.

Search And Rescue (new)

Like Search and Destroy, but with dog tags. If your teammate grabs your tag, you respawn. If an opposing team takes your tag, you are dead till the next round. This is my game of choice when I am with my clan on the Xbox.

Infected (new)

Just like the Halo mode.

Kill Confirmed (old)

Like TDM, but with dog tags. Whichever team collects the most tags wins.

Domination (old)

Whichever team can capture and hold three flags the longest wins.

Hunted (new)

Players start with limited gear and take control of drop zones to get better stuff. (Sounds like fun.)

Free for All (old)

Again, do I have to explain this one?

Team Tactical (new)


Ghost Moshpit (New)
Mixed playlist of the following: Blitz, Domination, and Search and Rescue.

If you are like me and can't stand core multiplayer, there is a hardcore mode which consists of three modes. Yep, three modes. [shakes head in disappointment] They are:

Hardcore TDM

Hardcore KC

Hardcore S&R

There is no Zombie mode, but there is a new mode called Extinction. This is like Zombie mode, but with aliens, and with only one map at this time.

Download Call of duty ghost torrentAnd finally, my thoughts on multiplayer. It is very lacklustre. It just feels stale.

I don't know whether I'm bored with the Call of Duty franchise at this point. But if I had to choose between the 360 or the Wii U version, I would have to go with the Wii U just because of the split screen on the GamePad—where one player has the telly and the other person uses the GamePad—which makes its return here. Granted, I have my friends on Xbox Live, but nothing beats having them round and sitting on the couch getting drunk and playing in the same room.


For me, the Wii U 's graphics edge out the 360's. I don't know why, but for me the game looks crisper and lighter on the Wii U, whereas on the 360, everything looks brown and grey and a lot darker. Hopefully with the video provided below, you can see the difference in quality, but to the naked eye the Wii U looks a lot like Black Ops II, whereas the 360 looks like CoD4.

As for gameplay, if you have ever played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, you will be right at home with this version of the game. That is, until they nerf the weapons with an update. Also, instead of the dolphin dive, you do a knee power slide (very rock & roll).


In my personal opinion, the Nintendo Wii U version is my version of choice. Granted, with the 360 version you get more DLC and a much bigger community, but the reason why I would pick the Wii U is due to the second screen. They don't do much with the screen, but when I have a friend over or if my brother wants to play, then the second screen comes into play via split screen. My friends or my brother can have the main screen and I have the GamePad screen without the screen being split into two small rectangles as seen in the video above. Also, for me this game is just worth the single player. I don't know if it's because I'm bored of the franchise at this point. Leave me a comment below if you agree or disagree with my comments.

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