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Hello, my name is Travis. And I am a YouTube addict.

I have been a fan of the video service for as long as it has been around. I have seen David after his visit at the dentist's office, a cat playing piano, and TONS of videos of various reviews of video games. Because of these videos, I have decided this was something I wanted to do.

There is one reviewer/critic I have become quite a fan of over the years, and he is known to the YouTube community as TotalBiscuit. "The Cynical Brit" is the site's biggest partner with over a million subscribers to date. Most of his reviews cater to indie games.

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Even though he is one of the Internet's biggest celebs, he is not immune to receiving copyright strikes on his channel, especially if the strike comes from a game developer who has made a really bad game and cries like a baby if someone makes a "First Impressions" video and says how bad the game really is.

Here's the setup: Some time ago, TotalBiscuit received a review code for an Indie PC game called "Day One: Garry's Incident." Here's the video in question:

However, the crybabies at Wild Game Studios—more specifically the CEO, Stephane Woods—whined to YouTube and brought on a copyright strike which temporarily removed the video. What was TB's response?

As you can see, TB exposes some very unscrupulous business tactics at WGS. It seems to me Woods not only stands by his company's product, but also wants to eliminate any negative press against what appears to be a terrible video game. Furthermore, the previous video was reinstated after an apology was given to TB.

I have always believed in the saying, "There is no such thing as bad publicity." Critics do their jobs to help spread the word about a particular product, which does promote it whether it is good or bad. It is usually left up to consumers to decide for themselves if they want to purchase said products. Critics subject themselves to all different kinds of movies, television shows and video games, and they say whether they think these things are worth consumers' time and money. Critiques also pass along information to the uncertain individual who has no knowledge about the product. And for a company such as Wild Game Studios to act the way it did toward someone just doing his job might have damaged its own reputation.

So, what are your thoughts about this?

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