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There's Entities Abounds in New Guardians 24

Posted by Unknown Saturday, October 19, 2013
Once upon a time it was a dream come true for most characters in the DCU to be chosen by a Green Lantern Ring. There was a cool planet for you to live on and you even got your own personal mini power battery. Two issues into Lights Out finds the corps transformed from an elite intergalactic police force to a band of refugees desperately trying to come up with a plan before they lose what little power their rings have left forever.

White Lantern Kyle Rayner on the cover of Lights Out Part 3

Part three kicks off immediately following the explosive death of Oa. Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan stand amongst the new batch of guardians and the rubble of their home. Despite Hal's attempts to take charge, the group descends into an argument over what to do next. Hal thinks it's best to attack Relic again, but with the aid of the magic fueled Red Lanterns. The Guardians, however, fear for what's left of the corps leaving the party at an impasse. While it's easy to look at the score board and understand that the GLC is getting knocked around, these pages do a great job of illustrating the frustration and desperateness of their situation. They are fighting a losing war and they know it. Before things get too intense, however, the entities return to steal the show, and Kyle Rayner's body.

Kyle Rayner becomes the vessel for six entities in Lights Out Part 3.
While we've seen entities possess everyone from the long lost Sodam Yat to the Flash, we've never seen quite this many at once. In a universe where lanterns have worn multiple color rings, however, I suppose its the next logical step. Six of the nine entities, black, yellow, and red missing, invade Kyle Rayner's body and give him a new suit that'd make any Power Ranger jealous. While the arrival of the green entity, Ion, has usually been heralded as a saving grace, the entities make it clear that they don't mean to help the corps and immediately aim to take off in their new vessel prompting a tension filled space chase. In a desperate attempt to stop the fleeing entities, the entire corps unites to try and restrain the rogue White Lantern. Unfortunately, their combined might is no match for that of six entities. With a single sweep of his arm, Kyle sends the corps through space to the Red Lantern home world Ysmault.

White Lantern Kyle Rayner tells the guardians to help Relic in Lights Out part three.While the majority of the corps is busy being hurled through space, John Stewart is in another space sector leading his small band of refugees to the Indigo Lantern home planet. In a cheeky bit, Stewart reveals that the password needed to reveal the planet is "nok nok" a play on the Indigo Lantern's signature single syllable utterance. While Stewart descends to talk with the Indigos, Kyle continues to be pulled along by the will of the entities. Fortunately, the Guardians soon find him and coach him through gaining mastery over the conflicting emotions. Pleased they saved him, the Guardians believe they can now use the power of the entities within Kyle to take another swing at Relic. Kyle shoots them down and ominously ends the issue by saying they should, in fact, be helping Relic.

Lights Out part three had a long going on. Although the narrative split into three different components, this was still the most productive issue to date. It seems that most of the stages are now set for the various groups to begin really getting into the heart of the story and, consequently, the real action. With all three teams at a crossroads, part four is sure to be an issue worth checking out. Stay tuned to for the next installment as we continue to follow the Lights Out event.

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