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The Walking Dead "Isolation" Review

Posted by The Dace Man Monday, October 28, 2013
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Hey there Fanboys and Fangirls. Chris "The Dace Man" Dace here, giving a review of The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 3: "Isolation." Another week is in the books and another day has passed since the incident that led us to this post-apocalyptic world with "walkers" roaming the land and feasting on anything with a pulse. As usual, I warn you that this review will contain spoilers from this week's The Walking Dead. Now that you've been warned, HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We kick off this week with the crew digging graves for the victims of the cell block nightmare as Hershel and Dr. S look in on the sick. In the next scene, we see Tyrese, Daryl, Rick, and Carol with the two bodies that were burned. Tyrese is irate and snapping at Rick and Daryl. Tyrese proceeds to throw a punch at Rick, causing Rick to snap and start beating Tyrese. Cue the theme.

This is a "holy shit!" moment for Rick in which he realizes he's snapped and is pushing the envelope. Apparently farming has not been releasing the stress for him enough these days, and the aggression he shows toward Tyrese is the first since his encounter with the Governor. For the viewer, at this point the tone has been set, and this should be a kick-ass episode.

We come back to see Hershel tending to Rick's wounds, and a heart-to-heart begins between the two. The conversation leads to Hershel hinting at Rick's return to leadership. We then find Tyrese digging like a mad man—someone clearly has anger issues he needs to dig through. We then see his sister stagger out of the cell and interact with Hershel and Glen about needing to see Dr. S. The disease is spreading…I'm already tired of this plotline…as are Daryl and Michone, so they head out on a journey to get antibiotics. We can only hope this will wrap up this sickness storyline by the end of the night.

We go through some heart-to-heart chats between Rick and Carol; Rick and Tyrese, during which Tyrese says he'll handle things his way; and last, a conversation between Rick and his son: "Damn it, Carl…stay in quarantine." The next "oh shit" moment comes when Glen turns and tells Maggie he's caught the bug, as though we couldn't tell that during the council meeting. Glen, you have a terrible poker face.

Spoilers for Walking Dead Episode IndifferenceAfter a few commercial breaks, Hershel decides to take a walk in the woods. Carl refuses to let him leave without him. "Damn it, Carl…stay in the administration office!" We now see the illness pulling apart the group—tears, tears, and more tears. Please let this illness thing be over by the end of this episode!!! We then get one more scene with Hershel and Carl in the woods, showing that Carl has aged over our summer break and isn't too trigger-happy anymore (well, he did draw on the zombie, but he didn't shoot, so I would call this growth). On to some more commercials. A side note: why the hell was there a Christmas commercial followed by a Halloween commercial? That just drives me nuts.

Back from commercials and we see more tears. Yay! Tyrese decides to join the group heading out to get the antidote and asks Carol to keep an eye on his sister Sasha for him while he's on the road. So we continue on with our story with some more tears and a hell of a statement from Hershel to Rick and Maggie that death is everywhere and finally he has the ability to help, and he's going to help the sick even if it's a risk to him. He enters the cell block and we head to more commercials. This has been a very slow episode so far, but I always love a good Hershel speech that makes me rethink my life. What a wise old owl.

The Walking Dead Mid Season Finale SpoilersAaaand we're back. Yet again…more tears. What a sob fest! My interest is fading fast. We cut to outside where Carol decides to fix the water today rather than tomorrow and gets herself in a pickle, and Rick comes and saves her. Later we catch the away team on the road, where Daryl  accidentally finds a station with a voice signal for those still alive. While doing so he hits a herd of walkers, only to reveal a massive herd just behind the small pack that has swarmed the car. The three of them make a break for it, leaving Ty behind to act out the infamous scene from the comics where he is overrun and just starts wrecking the herd. Then off to commercials we go.

Back from what is (I hope) our last commercial break, we see Daryl, Michonne, and the third guy—I can't remember his name, he'll probably die soon anyway—running through the woods, only to stop and see Ty has caught up with them. I love that they brought back how badass Ty is from the comic, 'cause in season 3 and up to this episode he's been kind of a bitch. We cut back to the prison, where we see Hershel helping the sick and the sick lecturing him that he shouldn't be in there and complaining about how little they did. Followed by—yeah, more tears. Finally, we find Rick in the yard with Carol, and he bluntly asks her: "Did you kill and burn the two victims?" To which she replies, "Yes." End episode.

This one turned out to be a very slow episode with a lot of tears. I'm pretty sure Michonne, Carl, and Daryl were the only ones who didn't cry. Anyway, I'm still optimistic and hope these are just stepping stones to an awesome season. The preview teaser we were given at the end of the episode gives me hope the next one will be more fast-paced. As always, check back regularly to see what Chris "The Dace Man" Dace is looking at (and no, not just porn), as well as all of the other bloggers here at Fanboys Anonymous. Until then, for the few, the proud, and of course the Dacetacular, grab a beer—and in this case an antidote—and check out what's going on here in the Dace-Sphere. See ya next time!

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