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The First Book of Carrie by D. Antoinette

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, October 31, 2013
D. Antoinette's First Book of Carrie PC ImagesD. Antoinette's urban fantasy novel, The First Book of Carrie, was a very fun book from the get-go. It doesn't try to be poetic or witty; it simply tells the interesting story of a young woman coming of age with an extremely powerful dark gift. Could she use this gift for good? Potentially. Will she? Not likely.

The young woman herself is descended from an ancient line of biblical monstrosities. As such, it is her destiny to follow in the family business of sin, but she hasn't quite figured out if it is her forte yet. One thing is for sure: she's only being fed crumbs of the supernatural truth by her mother, who is in the loony bin, and by her aunts, who are never straightforward. She will have to dig in and find the truth herself as she learns to either manage her own evil, or let it take her.

First Book of Carrie D. Antoinette WriterThis read brought back memories of a book series called The Last Vampire into which I invested much of my younger years. Though the heroine in that series was millennia old, had a fine grasp on her paranormal super powers and represented a different type of immortal monster (sort of), they are the books that kept crossing my mind as I read.

I highly recommend this book for people who like witch tales. But beware! It's not a simple story about spell books and witchcraft. Though Carrie and her kin may be called witches, they have a much more sinister agenda than the typical pop-culture witch. I can't wait for another installment.


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