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The Earth Alliance Comic Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Download Earth Alliance CBR Kickstarter OnlineCreating your dream comic and sharing it with the world isn't as easy as just picking up a pen. Even if you are an artist gifted in sketching, coloring, inking and writing, you need financial support and the attention of others to get your work published. There are a multitude of writers and artists out there who are trying to put teams together and looking for financiers who want to see these projects come together.

I'm sure most of you know about Kickstarter campaigns; I imagine many of the visitors to have their own. For those who aren't familiar with the program, is a site where artists and writers can promote their works independently, with the hope of making fans and raising donated funds to move forward with their projects. One campaign in particular that I'd like to take a look at is for the proposed comic Earth Alliance.

I tend not to partake in the heavy military genre when I read, but in graphic novel/comic form, such art literature is absolutely mind-blowing to me. Space wars and explosions, fights, technology, and alien life suddenly take form. That's exactly the way I felt when I came across Earth Alliance. From the opening of the pitch video, I was floored. Maybe it's the music or the dramatic order of the art, but it turned into something I'm sad to say I don't have in my hands. I hope that one day I will.

The Story

Page one of Earth Alliance Comic Book In the year 2190, Earth is embroiled in an interplanetary war with an aggressive alien race called the Khuttari. The nations of Earth must decide whether to fight alone or form an alliance in order to defend the planet. Admiral Benjamin Ryan, a highly-regarded military leader, is chosen to lead the Earth Alliance forces and prepare for war. The Khuttari war is not the only conflict the admiral faces; he is also at odds with his rebellious 18-year-old son, Thomas. Thomas is headed down the wrong path and is forced to join the space service at the outset of the war. After entering the academy, Thomas forms a reluctant mentor relationship with Captain Miles Harper, the new Academy commandant. As the war progresses, Thomas and his father find themselves playing a pivotal role defending Earth from the Khuttari threat.

It looks as though Earth Alliance will a pretty good comic, and I'm waiting with my fingers crossed to see if it reaches its goal. The campaign ends on November 11, 2013, so to ensure we can read Earth Alliance one day, check out the Earth Alliance Kickstarter Campaign and donate a buck, or even a little more. There are gifts and sneak peeks available for those who donate. Don't forget to tell me what you think below.


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