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Preview of Chozen, A New Animated Show on FX

Posted by Jeremy Kahn Friday, October 18, 2013
From the network that brought you Archer comes the story of a rapper known as Chozen. Chozen is FX's new animated show created by Danny McBride. Attendees of this year's NYCC got a chance to see the pilot episode on the last day of the con. Following a successful premiere at the San Diego Comic Con, which consisted of a few short clips, FX showed the pilot to the public for the first time ever.

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Before watching this pilot, I had expected something along the lines of Archer, seeing as how Archer is really the only original animated program currently on FX. I will admit I was a bit disappointed insofar as the quality of the episode, humor-wise, seemed a bit sub-par. Story-wise, there is a lot to build off of. However, it seems like one of those shows you'll need to watch every week, as the narrative seems to be an overarching one. While most animated fare works as standalone episodes, this series seems to be taking a different approach. Now, I could be wrong as I'm just basing this off of what was shown in the first episode, but it does seem that's it'll require a bit more involvement from the audience than most animated programs.

As of now, the story has much more staying power than the humor, which is a real shame. Still, when this series airs I might give it a shot just to see if anything develops. In short, if you can get past the sub-par humor in the first episode, there is a pretty interesting story to be told, one which will hopefully evolve along with the humor

Interested in watching this once it airs?

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