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Marvel Unveils TV Universe

Posted by Unknown Monday, October 14, 2013
Over the last five years Marvel Studios has crafted a cinematic universe that spans four franchises and is soon to be joined by several more. It was revealed today, however, that they have similar plans for the small screen. Marvel is currently working on a sixty-episode package that will encompass four different, brand new TV series. (Note: this is entirely separate from the season pick up order it just received for SHIELD). Said package is expected to be shopped around cable networks as well as online distributors like Netflix and Amazon.

Four new TV series containing Marvel heroes has been announced.

Entertainment business jargon aside, the important question remains; what heroes will be making their way into living rooms everywhere? The chance of doing another Marvel Universe that doesn't have to tie into the Avengers mythos opens the doors for dozens of heroes who have often been considered, but may not be tailored to the big screen. Characters like She-Hulk and the Heroes for Hire have often been mentioned to be in contention for a TV program, but with Marvel recovering the rights to Daredevil and so much Punisher hype online there are tons of options in the extensive Marvel mythos that could be explored.

Sadly, development news is often synonymous with lack of details. It could be sometime before Marvel releases any firm details as being in development means they may not have fully made any decisions themselves. Who would you like to see get the Marvel Cinematic Universe treatment? Sound off below and stay tuned as the origin story of four new series unfolds.

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