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It's Official: 9 Lost Doctor Who Episodes Found

Posted by Unknown Thursday, October 10, 2013
It’s a great time to be a Whovian. With the 50th anniversary and a regeneration just around the corner 2013 began as an exciting year for fans of BBC series Doctor Who. After rumors began circulating of missing episodes being recovered, however, the dreams, and speculations, of Who fans everywhere exploded. It has now been officially reported that NINE EPISODES have been found.

Second Doctor Patrick Troughton Lives on in nine new episodes
While the number is lower than originally speculated, fans of the late Patrick Troughton have plenty of cause to celebrate as all nine episodes follow the adventures of the Second Doctor. With these new additions, The Web of Fear story is now complete and The Enemy of the World is only missing one episode. The BBC will soon announce that all nine episodes will be available on iTunes as of tomorrow.

This comes as joyous news to Who fans who previously grieved the loss of 106 classic episodes that the BBC destroyed in the 70s to make room for storage. While episodes have been slowly recovered in an increasingly bizarre list of locals, this find is particularly special as it boasts the largest number of episodes found at a single time. This means Who fans should continue to search the globe because you’ll never know where in space and time they’ll find lost episodes next. Did anyone check Djibouti? We should check Djibouti.

Classic Doctor Who adventures featuring Patrick Troughton have been found.

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