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It's "Lights Out" for Oa in Green Lantern Corps 24

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Green Lantern Corps 24 picks up immediately after Green Lantern 24’s world shattering news that Oa is going to, well, shatter. Van Jensen takes the lead on story with Robert Venditti receiving a co-plot credit. With the Central Power Battery destroyed and Relic’s mechanical insects devouring what green light remains on the planet, Green Lantern Corps 24 ramps up the action as the corps makes their last desperate stand to save their home.

Lights Out continues in Green Lantern Corps 24

Relic takes battles John Stewart in Green Lantern 24.Despite Salaak’s pleas to abandon the planet, the issue kicks off with Hal Jordan and the other earth lanterns taking one last shot at Relic. A few failed constructs and krakoom’s later and the team decides its time for a strategy change. Cue John Stewart, military veteran and die hard history buff. Hal concedes and the team decides if it worked for a Native American tribe, it’ll work for space police against an invader from another universe. The group splits ways with Salaak helping the wounded escape while Stewart leads a team of lanterns against Relic to distract him from the fleeing lanterns. Here the book takes an interesting artistic approach to depicting action. During the battle, random characters are shown in freeze frame inserts. While this is stylistically interesting, I can’t help but feel like it detracts from the severity of the situation. Compare the image to the right to a panel from The Sinestro Corps War pictured below.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps fight the Sinestro Corps.

Stewart’s Jeopardy knowledge proves successful as Salaak manages to transport the wounded off  Oa in the guardian's citadel which turns out to be a concealed rocket ship. Hal then gives the order for the rest of the Lanterns to abandon ship. During this process a strange wrench is thrown in the works. During the evacuation Voz, lantern prison guard, is instructed to set all the of the prisoners free and send them to escape rockets. This moment seems less logical and more like a set up for future issues. With the lantern kill order still in canon, it seems a bit excessive to simply let all of these people go. Following the intergalactic not so great escape, the corps turns back to see the end of Oa and, subsequently, the end of the issue.

Relic destorys Oa in Lights Out part two.

Although Oa was destroyed, this issue didn’t progress the plot much further than Green Lantern 24. It did, however, cement Relic as a formidable foe and certainly managed to pin the lanterns in a corner, proving the real success of the event has been finding a way to put the corps in a dismal position, and things are certainly bleak. Lights Out continues tomorrow with New Guardians 24. Stay tuned to for complete coverage of the event.

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