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It's the Great Felony Charge, Chris Brown!

Posted by The Dace Man Sunday, October 27, 2013
Chris Brown gets arrested with another felony assult.Don't you wish that when you read about Chris Brown, it would be as simple as he was picking pumpkins with a nun or something of that nature? So do I.

Being the guru of celeb news on The Dace Man Show (self-plug five), I constantly hit TEH INTERWEBS to see what we can discuss with you, the masses. So I figured, why not start covering some of those stories here on Fanboys Anonymous as well? If anything, we may catch a few girls trying to track Chris Brown so they can stay out of swinging distance. What, too soon?

Anywho, the man is at it again. Talk about being on thin ice, but man, let's just keep punching people in the face, that'll make people like you. TMZ is reporting that the real-life Street Fighter Chris Brown was arrested this morning in Washington, DC for beating a man outside of a hotel. Apparently all of this stemmed from two guys deciding they were going to photobomb a Chris Brown picture, which sent The Incredible Brown into a gamma-ray-induced rage in which he broke the victim's nose. Brown is technically still on probation for beating the holy hell out of Rihanna, so he faces potential jail time. Now we all know Chris Brown isn't popular by any means in the celeb world, what with people such as WWE's C.M. Punk sounding off on him. We can now add another to the list as Brown's ex Karrueche trashed the rapper on Twitter. Aw man, you got dissed, dog! Have fun in jail, idiot.

We all know Chris Brown has a long history with law enforcement and beating people 'cause he obviously has an anger issue, but the question I have for you is this: What do you think? Will Brown sit in jail the full amount of time? Will this impact what little career he has left? Would you date this maniac? I could sit here and fire off about how horrible a person he is, but let me know what you think! For Hollywood news on Fanboys Anonymous, I'm Chris "The Dace Man" Dace saying stay Dacetacular!!

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