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IP Expo 2013 Interviews

Posted by Unknown Monday, October 28, 2013
In an age of information technology and online applications, Michael Burhan searches for the best storage solutions and data protection at the IP EXPO at Earls Court London as he attempts to find the best data solutions for both your personal and social environments. So take a tour with Britain's brightest and biggest companies as they help to simplify cloud data and link your data in order to provide you with the best possible solution for all your data needs.

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Gary Witts from Data Storage 356 talks about data recovery and management, highlighting the need for cloud services as technology progresses. Mike also discusses the use of cloud servers in games such as GTA Online that had record amounts of users from day one.

Kieran O'Connor discusses data protection and how his company Acronis manages to hold and support data across virtual, physical and cloud platforms.

Alan Thake discusses Eset's vast variety of protection, explaining the need for protection without taking over your hardware, with a simplistic user interface that enables the user to keep their computer free from virus attacks.

John Speakman from Purdicom discusses the utilization of Wifi in everyday life, securing contracts from the London underground to social media wifi, and the way this product is changing the business.

Devin Akin elaborates on Social Wifi, and how Airtight Networks has innovated this technique and managed to utilize social networking and integrate it with small business promotion.

Mike Davis talks about Centrality's role in providing a broad virtualization via hardware integration by stepping down various versions of Microsoft Windows, allowing the operating system to be used on any machine. He talks about Windows 8.1's new features and why this could virtually change the way that businesses manage their networks in general.

Thomas Case talks about Appsense's integration with mobile and physical hardware, and how they can manage more than one client—especially from the mobile and tablet platforms which no other company has managed to do prior. We also discuss data access and user privileges and how all that has changed as technology has grown.

And finally, Sanil discusses Data Protect's role in cloud and data management, allowing companies to simplify their cloud and data storage needs, removing all the legal jargon in order to provide the best service for business and personal use with no fuss.

All in all, the Expo managed to provide an enlightening experience, opening doors to various new and innovative procedures using modern and existing technology that has been adapted for social and network integration. As Fanboys and IT professionals ourselves, we need to come to terms with how our data is utilized, and how firms like the one's being interviewed can aid the user without removing their rights entirely.

In terms of the way we use Wifi, Social Wifi is an innovative way for the user to become more of a promoter for small business, getting high speeds with a cost of a tweet or a like, which gives the user more control. This shows how far we have come in terms of data management and social interaction.

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