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Early 2014 Science Fiction Book Release Dates

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Ben Bova's Mars Inc Billionaire's Club Cover Image
Standard Setting Policy + Good personality
and interaction with the policy = Great Book
Fellow sci-fi enthusiasts, 2013 isn't quite over, but it is close. Clearly a list of explosive titles that will be flooding onto shelves early next year is in order, but before announcing early 2014 book release dates, I thought I'd mention one from 2013 that I'm waiting on. Ben Bova's Mars, Inc.: The Billionaire's Club stands by itself in the world. This hard sci-fi book has no previous installations to drag it down. What's more, rather than being a politically fueled action explosion, it's a politically fueled right-wing world rescue.

One of the most commonly employed tactics for grounding the characters in our favorite sci-fi books is the development of the government and policies and how the people interact with them in their everyday lives. It sets the standard and helps to develop the strong main character that we need to stand out in a story. In fact, it holds a great number of our favorite sci-fi books together. As I'm speaking strictly from a Democratic standpoint, you might wonder about my interest in such a piece. It's just this: The wide array of ice cream flavors in the world should not go untasted. No matter our preferences, our politics, or our principles, our lives are full of people we don't agree with. To not read something that sounds so delightfully interesting simply because it takes a tone that opposes my view on politics would likely cause me to miss out on good reads. It's important to immerse ourselves in the lives and minds tucked between the sentences of a book or two that oppose us. I think you'll find that it's often rewarding to do so, but you don't have to look much farther than the summary to see why this book will be amazing. Set to release in December of this year, I think Mars Inc. might have what it takes to blow us away.

Amazon Summary Preview
How do you get to the Red Planet? Not via a benighted government program trapped in red tape and bound by budget constrictions, that’s for sure. No, what it will take is a helping of adventure, science, corporate powerplays, a generous dollop of seduction—both in and out of the boardroom—and money, money, money!

Art Thrasher knows this. He is a man with a driving vision: send humans to Mars. The government has utterly failed, but Thrasher has got the plan to accomplish such a feat: form a “club” or billionaires to chip in one billion a year until the dream is accomplished. But these are men and women who are tough cookies, addicted to a profitable bottom-line, and disdainful of pie-in-the-sky dreamers who want to use their cash to make somebody else’s dreams come true.

But Thrasher is different from the other dreamers in an important regard: he’s a billionaire himself, and the president of a successful company. But it’s going to take all his wiles as a captain of industry and master manipulator of business and capital to overcome setbacks and sabotage—and get a rocket full of scientist, engineers, visionaries, and dreamers on their way to the Red Planet.

The man for the job has arrived. Art Thrasher is prepared to do whatever it takes to humans on Mars—or die trying!

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller - Constellation Vol. 2 is a space opera/hard sci-fi book omnibus/compilation of short stories set to release in January 2014.

David Weber - Like A Mighty Army is a hard sci-fi book, the seventh in the Safehold series and the sequel of Midst Toil and Tribulation. It is set to release in February 2014.
Get the summary and pricing here!

Ann Vandermeer - Time Traveler's Almanac is a hard sci-fi book set to release in March 2014.
Get the summary and pricing here!

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson - Mentats of Dune is hard sci-fi and the most recent in the wide array of Dune books in the series. It is also the sequel to Sisterhood of Dune. It's set to release in March 2014.
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David, Eric, and Flint Webber - Cauldron of Ghosts is a hard sci-fi book and number three in the Crown of Slaves series. It is the sequel to Torch of Freedom and Crown of Slaves, and is scheduled for release in April 2014.
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C. J. Cherryh - Peacemaker is a hard sci-fi book and no. 15 in the Foreigner series. It's the sequel to Protector and should be released in April 2014.
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Larry Benford and Larry Niven - Shipstar is a hard sci-fi book and the sequel to Bowl of Heaven. It is hoped that it will be released in April 2014.

Shop Prices Sea Without a Shore by David Drake Buy Online
The Sea Without a Shore is supposed to be fairly action
packed, I suppose we shall see, but David Drake has my bet.
Taylor Anderson - Deadly Shores is the ninth book in the Destroyermen series and sequel of Storm Surge. It's an alternate history/hard sci-fi book set to release in May 2014.

David Drake - The Sea Without a Shore is a hard sci-fi work and book ten in the Leary & Mundy/RCN series. Sequel to Road of Danger, Sea Without a Shore will be released in May 2014.

Although I haven't purchased and read all of the previous volumes in these series, the RCN series is one that I did, and I must say, it's one I'll remember. The story is space opera-ish, taking place during a time of near-faltering peace, which hangs by a thread. Like most cracked treaties, this one is subject to revolt by a faction headed by someone who can only be described as a ghost who may not even be real. The main character, Lt. Daniel Leary is charged with reestablishing peace, and his partner is the brains of the operation and a cyber-skilled tech beast. Did I mention she's female? It's a fun and classic read and one that I recommend. In my opinion, it warrants the reading of The Sea Without A Shore.
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Jack Campbell - Steadfast is the new sequel to Guardian, of the Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier series. It's a military hard sci-fi book set to be released in May 2014.

Orson Scott Card - Earth Awakens is the second book in the First Formic War series and sequel to Earth Afire. This hard sci-fi book will be released in June 2014.

With such a line up, it's sure to be a great year!

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