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Doctor Who Lost Episodes Rumored to Have Been Found

Posted by Unknown Sunday, October 6, 2013
Watch Lost Doctor Who Episodes DownloadAny Doctor Who fan knows that there’s a fair bit of tragedy embedded in the DNA of the last Time Lord. That said, The Doctor always finds a way to keep his spirits high and to find the best in people, which is the best way to face a new rumor claiming over 100 classic episodes, originally thought lost, have been found. Unfortunately, many of these rumors, like time in the series, prove to be malleable.

The consensus amongst the various reports claims that 106 episodes have been discovered in a TV station in Ethiopia to which they were sold after originally airing in the 1960s. Said tapes are supposed to contain episodes depicting The First Doctor as played by William Hartnell and The Second Doctor as played by Patrick Troughton. It’s almost poetic that the early adventures of The Doctor have remained lost as the character himself remains an enigma despite his years on television.

Still, many fans are rejoicing over the chance to see more of The Doctor’s early adventures.

Dr Who Lost Episodes Download Free
Unfortunately, reactions from various members of the Doctor Who staff are sobering. So far, no statements have been made by the BBC, but with the Doctor Who 50th anniversary just around the corner, it would be fair to theorize that they could be rolling such a big announcement into their plans for the celebration. Rule number one is that The Doctor lies. Could this be true of the staff as well? Similar rumors have surfaced before so the best anyone can do is sit with their fingers crossed and hope not to have both their hearts broken.


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