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Disney Child Stars Gone Wild: Demi Lovato

Posted by Unknown Monday, October 14, 2013
We are back with another edition of Disney Child Stars Gone Wild! Today we are taking a peak into the life of a woman that isn't as controversial as Miley Cyrus, but still has battled from drug addictions, rehab, and personal issues. This girl is my favorite female artist that has been considered a Disney channel star, and has had four albums under her, including her most recent titled Demi. Her television success includes being a starring role on the tv movie Camp Rock, her own tv series Sonny with a Chance, and is now a judge on the popular tv series The X Factor. Yes I am talking about the ever-so-popular Demi Lovato.

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Demi got her Hollywood career started on the popular toddler show Barney and Friends, which apparently is the starting point for most Disney stars nowadays. She would later audition for the lead roles in Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance and got them both. Camp Rock did well enough to get a sequel, and Sonny with a Chance even got a spin-off after Demi left the show, So Random!. Life was looking good for the young Demi, unfortunately the good times don't last forever and other things can become a distraction to a young girl, very similar to Miley Cyrus except not to the extremes of her. Drugs and personal issues soon took over the life of Demi Lovato.

In 2010, she pulled out of a Jonas Brothers concert tour citing personal issues as her reason. A reason for this maybe because she punched a back up dancer during an argument, which later resulted in an intervention and her going to rehab. There she said she was suffering from bulimia, self-injury, and her drug and alcohol problems. She was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder and put her acting career on hiatus and began to focus more on her music career. Since these times, family members and close friends of her have noticed a significant change in her and she has stopped doing drugs.

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In the previous paragraph I mentioned that Demi performed self-injury to herself. Yes, she has been a victim of herself by cutting herself. Demi has mentioned before that she has been victim of bullying, and that it's the reason why she was home-schooled instead of being apart of the traditional public schooling. Her issues she had were probably caused by some of the things that happened during her childhood. I wanted to mentioned this in a separate paragraph because Demi is one of the greatest fighters against many of the social issues we have today. She is a supporter of gay rights, and is a one of the biggest contributors to the fight against teen substance and drug abuse. She has overcame her struggles and now helps other do the same by her charity work and as a mentor to teen and young adults. She is one of the greatest role models in my eyes, and she shouldn't be hated on because of her past, instead she should be loved for what she does today.

Now as I stated at the beginning of this post Demi doesn't have as many issues as Miley Cyrus, but I wanted to do Demi because it is possible to overcome your demons. She may be a celebrity, but even they have issues of their own. Be on the lookout for this season of X Factor and her upcoming tour with tickets now on sale! This was another edition of Disney Child Stars Gone Wild!

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