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Carissa Andrews Pendomus Book Review

Posted by Anonymous Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Book Pendomus Chapter OneCarissa Andrews paints perfect literary art. There... I said it. During the opening chapter, it became ever so obvious to me that she has a very poetic mind. It reminded me of a time when I was writing articles for commission, and I wrote a piece entitled "Art VS Fart." It entailed my own failings as a writer, which were just a small addition to the overall categories of various arts. Included in it was a statement that I find to be true, even if I am a bag of hot air. That statement was:
There are storytellers, and there are artists in writing.
Either can tell a story, but the artist tells it dramatically and with precise metaphoric detail. The words are beautiful or terrifying, the description so absolute you can feel it in your bones, no matter the mood of the description or the interpreter of the words.

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Carissa Andrews
My opinion is that this story is fantastic. It revolves around a character who has just made the decision to separate herself from the new design of human society, one that parallels the society in Equilibrium, a movie starring Christian Bale. Her separation comes with a flood of emotion she's never felt, a realization of forces she has never known, and a truth she never expected. Her escape from human society "opens her eye" to a world unknown.

The story is unique and takes its time letting you in on its secrets. Whenever I thought maybe I had it figured out, I would quickly realize otherwise. This happened several times; eventually I gave up trying, and just read until I absorbed everything I possibly could, not wanting to fool myself again. There were icky love chapters that held my attention somewhat less, but I never felt that they stole anything from the Pendomus story. After all, the main character is feeling these emotions for the first time in her life. Eerily, I think those moments even added to the feeling. These are not words that you will find me saying frequently.

My only criticism is that I never did learn the origins of the elemental beasts, which are magnificent creatures with indeterminable power. They made their appearance and they will clearly be making more, but they are only partially explained in nature. On the upside, this work seems to be one of many, so I suppose there is time for her to elaborate later.  It all comes together in the end, building up into an epic that will live on in other installations. I think Carissa Andrews is a great author, and I think the Pendomus books will be recognized as fine literature in the young adult dark fantasy genre.

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