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YouTube Spotlight: Lara Plays Video Game Music

Posted by The Dace Man Thursday, September 5, 2013
Hot Pink Ranger Violinist Lara De Wit SexyGood day mates! The Dace Man here, bringing you another installment of YouTube Spotlight!

This week we are going to take a look at the lovely and talented Miss Lara de Wit! You all may know her from her popular music videos on her YouTube channel "Lara plays videogame music!".

I was first exposed to Lara's talent by a friend on Facebook sharing her Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video on my wall. Since that day, I have fallen in love with this woman. I find myself leaving her channel on during work hours and letting her play the soundtrack of the day. Playing songs from video games, pop culture, TV shows and awesome movies, the girl has tapped into geek kingdom and brings music to life via piano or violin. Under the YouTube handle of Lara6683, she has over 110,00 subscribers with videos that have over millions of hits!

Lara is such a hit on YouTube that she often tours conventions and the world playing with many other musicians. A very notable collaboration she recently did was with violinist Taylor Davis. The two put together an amazing CD collaboration that has not left my truck since I received it in the mail. You can purchase a copy of this awesome CD (called "Game On: 2 Player Mode") on iTunes. You can also read the Fanboys Anonymous review of the CD by yours truly here.

Lara posts videos all the time, further validating her commitment and awesomeness across the board. So now you need to do the following, watch the video and follow all the links muahahahaha. Experience the ecstasy that is Lara De Wit's music and you will not be disappointed.

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Go old school and buy the CD: Game On: 2 Player Mode

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