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The Goldbergs S1 E1: The Circle of Driving Review

Posted by The Dace Man Thursday, September 26, 2013
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Hey there F.A.N. tonight you get a two-pher from The Dace Man as I run down another new Fall premiere. This time it's a completely new show that happened to follow the original show I was watching previous to it Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. That show would be, for thos of you who turned off your DVRs and TVs immediately after AoS, The Goldbergs. Now I've always been one to be bluntly honest with you F.A.N. and I would be lying to you to say I was eagerly awaiting this debut. The fact that I watched it was merely cause I was hanging with my buddy and we left the television set on. Picture this it's 2013 and we're watching a sitcom set in the 80s...what is this the answer to the lack of That 70s Show? So we gave it a try since it was on. I can not deny I was coming in mostly negative on this thing but after watching the premiere I must say the Dad, played by Jeff Garlin, and the Pops the grandfather played by, George Segal, these two hooked me. The quirkiness of the two sons buckled me in and the the relationship with the Dad and sons drove it home. I found my self near tears with some of the jokes that were laid out in the pilot episode. Needless to say i will be hanging around after AoS to catch up with The Goldbergs. The cherry on top of this sundae as well, the show is produced by Happy Madison and Patton Oswalt narates it... I'm in.

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