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ThatNordicGuy Morphs the Perfect Star Trek Actors Combined

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Ever wondered what it would look like if the previous actors who played certain characters were merged together with the current ones to form the ultimate, "perfect" versions of those characters?

Artist ThatNordicGuy is at it again, this time focusing on the cast of Star Trek, morphing the actors from the original series with the new reboot films. Take a look!

Chris Pine Captain Kirk William Shatner
Chris Pine & William Shatner Merged as Captain Kirk

Who is the better Spock Zachary Quinto or Leonard Nimoy? Naked Uhura Nude Zoe Saldana Hot Lingerie Bra Panties
Zachary Quinto & Leonard Nimoy Merged as Spock Zoe Saldana & Nichelle Nichols Merged as Uhura

Who is the better McCoy, DeForest Kelly or Karl Urban? Who is the better McCoy, DeForest Kelly or Karl Urban?
Karl Urban & DeForest Kelly Merged as Leonard McCoy John Cho & George Takei Merged as Sulu

Who is the better Scotty Simon Pegg or James Doohan? Who is the better Chekov, Walter Koenig or Alton Yelchin?
Simon Pegg & James Doohan Merged as Scotty Anton Yelchin & Walter Koenig Merged as Chekov

Who is the better Captain Pike Bruce Greenwood or Jeffrey Hunter? Who is the better Khan, Ricardo Montalban or Benedict Cumberbatch?
Bruce Greenwood & Jeffrey Hunter Merged as Captain Pike Benedict Cumberbatch & Ricardo Montalban Merged as Khan

What do you think? In a perfect world, would this be what the characters would look like in your minds?

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