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Revolution S2E1: Born in The U.S.A. Review

Posted by The Dace Man Thursday, September 26, 2013
Revolution Season Two PremiereHey there F.A.N. The Dace Man is back with another article here on Fanboys Anonymous. I's that time of year again...Fall. Time for Hoodies, campfires and of course ALL NEW SEASONS OF OUR FAVORITE SHOWS!! So what better way is there to kick off the Fall other than television. Yours truly finally got a chance to sit down and watch the Season Two opener of NBC's hit show Revolution. Now I'm not going to sit here and pretend I caught every episode last season and suspensefully watched week after week. That's just not my style. My Style is power watching on Netflix the week prior so I can pretend I'm a huge fan....don't believe me check my FaceBook and see how I orgasm over Breaking Bad....I was 4 1/2 yrs late on that one. But I will admit I was on the edge of my seat for the Season One ending. Now I'm going to alert you the following review will go into detail about the Season One Finale and Season Two premiere so if you wanna get in on the action I suggest you turn back now......

Elizabeth Mitchel from Revolution Nude
Decided to stick around? Awesome! So at the end of Season One the power was back on and Randal went all Patriot like on us and launched nukes at both Philadelphia (well I'm dead) and Atlanta. to neutralize the two radical territories on the East cost. With mere seconds left on the count down  the crew we've come to love has to some how turn off the power and stop these nukes. Bee Tee Dubs....Randal locked the bulletproof room up and shot the button to disable it.... the crack in The Liberty Bell is gonna get a little bit bigger.... Jump a whole summer, yeah Im sad it's over too, to the Season Two premiere Born In The U.S.A. and we are six months in too the future....Da Fuq?!?!?? There's a purpose. Apparent Miles, Rachel and Aaron have settle down in a community living with Rachel's dad and Aaron is settled down with a girl. We find that Charlie, any body else say charlie like the Candy Mountain video? ... just me?...sorry back on track... Apparently Charlie is on a Mission in the Plains Nations tracking down Former General Monroe. Which brings her to New Vegas, Fall Out esque, where she tries to assassinate the man only to watch him get kidnapped.  Nude Tracy Spiridakos Hot from RevolutionMean while all the way back on the East coast we find Tom and his son searching for his wife in a refugee camp outside of Savannah when The Secretary of the State comes sailing up the river on a raft telling the Refugees the power Hungry Monroe Nation and Georgia Federation launched the nukes in a desperate attempt to seize power. Our boy Tom knows the truth and it gives him a new will to live, and he is immediately back to his scheming ways.

 Man I think Giancarlo Esposito is by far one of the best Actors on TV these days, on that note back to the small community Miles and Crew are at with that one dude who was on Law and Order SVU for a season... Miles attempts to leave the community on the request of Rachel's father. Prior to the conversation between Miles and Rachel's Father we see Miles at a shed coming out all bloodied and then setting it a blaze. He flashes back to that on several occasion through out the episode....even visits it once as he's leaving.  When Miles finally hits the road he notices a couple of bandits raping and pillaging... he takes one down and decides he'll bring him back to the community. There he warns Mason, That dude from Law and Order SVU for one season, and Rachel's Dad he's part of a war clan. Time to prepare for another war. While all this is occurring we find out Rachel went nuts after the fateful night the power went back on and this being six months later, she's finally getting her shit back together you know just in time for the Season Two Premier and another war. As Miles and Sheriff Woody er I mean Mason prepare for the bandits a few manage to sneak it pass the A-Team's defenses. and in the process KILL AARON!!! At this point Aaron had been noticing some weird things to do with fireflies and having issues of his own dealing with the night the power went back on. He was merely trying to protect his new squeeze, and if I may say so myself was decently holding his own, until the guy slashed him across the chest with a machete thus ending Aaron life. Miles and Mason, now I'm thinking of Falling Skies, well those two All Stars got captured. They did manage to free some future rape victims though....Yay! So the first episode has ended in complete turmoil...Monroe was kidnapped....Charlie messed up her assassination attempt...Miles and a new guy are captured...Rachel is bat shit cray....Tom and Son are planning to overthrow a government that was already overthrown....and Aaron's dead..... but wait AARON WOKE UP!!!

Zak Orth leaves the cast of Revolution

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