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Nintendo 1DS: The New Handeld Follow Up to Nintendo 2DS

Posted by Travis Goss Tuesday, September 3, 2013
After the recent announcement of Nintendo's new variation of the 3DS known as the 2DS, the Big N has felt they needed another addition to their family of handhelds.

Before I share this new announcement, here is a breakdown of the features mentioned for the upcoming 2DS. This system strips the 3D functionality and no longer folds up into a clamshell like the DS, 3DS and 3DS XL systems before it. However, much like the 3DS and 3DS XL, it will have Internet connectivity and have access to the Nintendo eShop. The system is set to release on Oct. 12 for a very attractive price of $129.99.

But, it does not end there...

Riding on the heels of anticipation of the 2DS comes an even more affordable option to enjoy Nintendo 3DS and DS games. Ladies and gentleman, my body is ready to reveal to you the Nintendo 1DS.

Real Nintendo 1DS Screen Shots
Nintendo's new handheld, the 1DS.

To further innovate upon the existing line of 3DS systems, the 1DS not only strips away 3D functionality and clamshell fold, it also strips away the unnecessary bottom screen. Much like the 2DS, it will have access to the eShop and Internet connectivity and play 3DS and original DS games.

To coincide with the upcoming release of the 1DS, Nintendo has announced they will be releasing a slew of 1DS games which will be made available. The games will be more advanced, more dynamic and more appealing. Look for 500 Nintendo 1DS titles to be released by year's end.

For more details, go to this website.

DISCLAIMER: The previous story was meant as a parody. You know I am a Nintendo fanboy. Special thanks to fellow contributor Michael Burhan for finding this little piece of satire. The Nintendo 1DS is indeed fake. We here at Fanboys Anonymous just thought it was hilarious and very well done, so we wanted to join in on the fun. Sorry!


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