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Meta Space Glasses vs Google Glass?

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, September 4, 2013
As most people already know, Google Glass plans on being the next big thing in virtual reality, offering hands free connectivity for pictures, search, video recordings, and video chat via it's connection to the Google Glass app on your smart phone, but I came across something today that might just be the next big thing to rival Google Glass. They are known as Space Glasses by Meta. These will basically turn you into Tony Stark himself, minus the Iron Man suit (although that would be AWESOME!). Here is a little video showing what I found:

Meta - Space Glasses: The Future of Computing

How awesome was that? Laser tag on your lunch breaks?! Now, as you all saw in the video there are tons of things you can do with these glasses. My favorite being the "MetaCraft" game which is their version of the popular giant, pixel-like game MineCraft. These glasses offer you a range of options I have never seen before in any device like this. These are just a few of the specs mentioned directly from their website:

Hardware – Augmented Reality 3D Glasses
  • Twin 960x540 see through TFT LCD displays at 23 degrees Field of View, via HDMI
  • 720p RGB camera via USB
Software – Augmented Reality 3D Glasses
  • 3D Sculpt+Print Tool, in partnership with Game Draw 3D
  • Laser Tag
  • MetaCraft, a MineCraft simulator
For the full list of specifications, visit their site here: Meta - Space Glasses Specifications

Looks like Modern Warfare.
First Look Space Glasses

You may also have seen from the site that the glasses only run around just $670 which you might say is quite expensive, but the Google Glasses are suspected to be around $1,300 at the time of their release. You make your choice. Now to nab one of these beauties, you'll need to act fast. There are less than 50hrs before pre-orders end.

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