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Google Celebrates 15 Years of Having Horrible Customer Service

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, September 27, 2013
Google turned 15 years old today, so they're letting everyone play a pinata game. Yaaaay! Google's also proven that they have learned nothing in 15 years when it comes to providing decent customer service.

Why doesn't google have customer service for YouTube phone number?
Blow out the candles and wish Google didn't suck so much!

Just to inform everyone, the Fanboys Anonymous YouTube channel has been terminated wrongfully due to a lot of people flagging the Wolverine review video angrily as they neglected to read the word "review" in the title - or the description stating that it was not the movie and an episode of a podcast - or the comments that state that it isn't the movie.

Since Google operates under the idea that they shouldn't have any customer service, if you have a situation like this pop up where you need to talk to someone about fixing a problem, you're just out of luck.

It doesn't matter if you appeal the decision, because YouTube's bots will just assume you're wrong because they don't look into the actual situation. Shoot first, never ask questions.

They've got a lot to deal with and they just assume "oh well" for the little guy. So what, if you're suffering from a problem where your account is terminated for the wrong reasons? Just start from the ground up again. You don't really matter to Google because you're not one of their investors or anything of the sort.

If you call up Google's phone numbers (1-650-253-0000 or 1-650-214-6064) you're either going to get an automated message telling you to fuck off and go to the website for help or you'll get some random call service receptionist that is pointless and only tells you the same thing. Thanks, Agent 3996!

The forum for Google Help products is absolutely pointless. Normally, you can expect to be completely ignored. At best, you can expect a few other people that have the same problem telling you "sucks dude, I'm having it too, does anyone else have a solution?"

Google's answer to customer complaints is to give them nothing but a message board to vent and expect other people to do their job for them and if they can't, as it requires action on Google's part, then tough shit.

For a billion dollar corporation, you would think that they'd put at least a modicum of effort into trying to have a customer service, but whether you're someone with a terminated YouTube account for the wrong reasons, your Blogger stats always show different results for each month, your AdSense account is frozen at the under review stage, or whatever the issue....Google could not care less.

Congrats on 15 years of ignoring your customers, Google! I hope that you have fun changing the layout of your YouTube settings again tomorrow to keep yourselves busy.

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