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Geek Speak LIVE! Ep 2 - Won't Somebody Please Think of the Animals?

Posted by Mike Paden Sunday, September 29, 2013
The Simpsons Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children Scene
Geek Speak LIVE! is a weekly radio show with an explosion of nerd conversation. Join hosts Craig Kellerman, Travis Goss, "Classic" Dave, Michael Burhan, and Mike Paden as they rant on movies, TV, video games, comics, cartoons, technology, and whatever else is sparking our attention.

:: This week we discuss ::

The Announcement of SteamOS - Valve releases the first of a three part announcement involving revolutionizing the living room. It's a Linux based computer operating system that will be available for free.

Facebook for Trekkies - Are the girls you find on normal social networks repulsed by your Spock ears? Now there's a place for you!

IDA Complains About Grand Theft Auto V - Apparently in a game involving murder, drugs, rape, and various other criminal activity the most heinous feature of GTAV is the ability to hunt deer. Should we arm the deer and see if hunting really is still as fun?

The 2013 Emmy Awards - We go over the nominees and winners of each catagory.

The Over-saturation of Super Hero Movies - Seems like every other movie trailer these days has a cape in it. Is the end anywhere in sight?

The Current State of the Ninja Turtles - There's an active series on Nickelodeon, 2 new games due out soon, and a movie in production. Has the franchise reached it's highest point yet?

Actor of the Week: Nicolas Cage - We review Nicolas Cage's entire filmography.

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